Midi Fighter Ableton Mode + Limited Edition Controllers

When the original Midi Fighter Pros were designed, we wanted to give every DJ a chance to use the units as versatile performance tools that flourish in live performance settings. Today, we’re announcing a limited edition of the Pros, with a clean white design to match Mad Zach’s Ableton packs for plug and play fun. Additionally, all Midi Fighter units now have an Ableton Mode allowing for more intuitive mapping – read on for a video demo and full details.


Software Mode: Ableton!

Mapping controllers in Ableton Live is significantly different than mapping in traditional DJ softwares, so we’ve developed a firmware setting that optimizes the MIDI messages sent by stripping down unnecessary additional notes sent. The new firmware setting also allows the user to use momentary mode with controls on their Midi Fighter unit – meaning that the triggered clip or effects will only play while the button is being held down. This is a basic but essential setting that really allows intelligent performance, and after developing this mode for the Midi Fighter 3D, we knew it needed to be mirrored in all of the other parts of the Midi Fighter line.

Getting a unit into Ableton Mode is simple – just start up the Midi Fighter Utility (download here if you haven’t already: OSX or Windows), plug in a Midi Fighter, and select “Ableton” under the Software Mode section. Remember that every time you want to switch software, you’ll need to change this setting!


The limited edition Midi Fighter Pro Cue Masters are on sale starting today for $350. What makes them special?

  • Truly limited with only 50 units (25 in black, 25 in white) in existence
  • The weapon of choice for Ean Golden and Mad Zach, each unit will be handsigned and numbered by them both.
  • Each unit comes with the pictured button color layout in either black or white, designed to intuitively match Mad Zach’s Ableton template that he uses in our weekly soundpacks. (If you’ve been subscribing to our weekly emails, you’ll know that each week Mad Zach has been crafting up an incredible free soundpack that we give out for free in the newsletter.)

Interested in these limited edition models? They’re available now on our webstore.

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