Mostly Robot Video and DJTT Community Interview

It’s not often that a hardware manufacturer in the DJ industry decides to put together a band- but that’s exactly what Native Instruments did when creating Mostly Robot. Appearing at Barcelona’s Sónar Festival earlier this year, the band is full of familiar NI stars Jamie Lidell, Tim Exile, Jeremy Ellis, Mr. Jimmy, and DJ Shiftee. Today we have an official video showing their process, but we also have been offered a chance to interview the supergroup – which we’re opening up to you, our readers, to ask these guys anything.



We’re pretty tired of interviews that simply rehash knowledge that’s already out there, so we decided to flip the script on the entire process and involve all of you. Much in the vein of an “Ask Me Anything” interview on Reddit, we’re going to ask the members of Mostly Robot the questions that you find interesting, important, or exciting. Simply reply down in the comments with your question styled with who you’re asking it to, followed by the question, like this:

Shiftee: Why do you use an S4 as your mixer? What does it add, and what do you miss about a more traditional mixer setup?

You can target the questions to the entire group, as well. Tomorrow, we’ll compile the top questions (don’t forget to vote on your favorites by using the like buttons in the comments!) and send them to the group.

Mostly Robot will be performing two more festival dates, September 8 at the Berlin Festival at Night and September 13, at the Electronic Beats Festival in Budapest. For more information, visit their Native Instruments site

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