Ableton Live Scratch Macros With A MIDI Controller

In today’s hands-on video tutorial, join Mad Zach in his studio as he walks through three turntablism-style techniques he uses in Ableton Live to create dynamic performances with a Midi Fighter Pro. We’re also giving away a free template with all of the elements seen in the video, so you can immediately get started with making your own fun scratch routines with your own MIDI controllers!


The three scratch styles that Mad Zach outlines in the video are:

  • Noise Scratch: Applying a bandpass filter to a white noise sample and modulating the frequency
  • Sine Scratch: Modulating the pitch of a classic sine tone
  • Vocal Scratch: Seamlessly move the cue point of an acapella sample while modulating the loop length and pitch for incredible vocal cuts


To get started right away, you’ll need a few things on hand:

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