“You’ll Be Able To Create Unique Bangers”: Funniest Product Ever?

For today’s Fun Friday post, we wanted to share a video Ean found recently, a promotional flash clip promoting Dr. Drum, a program that claims to not only be “the sickest software you’ll ever buy” but also able to “unlock your hidden talent” and make you an overnight hit producer sensation. You’ve got to watch this hilarious video to believe it- check it out inside.

There’s just something about the attitude of the female voiceover in this video combined with the stilted attempt to use “super cool” language that clashes so wonderfully. Some of our favorite quotes:

  • “Your confidence will go off the hook when you start bangin’ out beats every time you use it”
  • “This is 2012, gimme a break!”
  • “The same techie knowledge as Kanye West’s producer”  (Mr. West actually does production on many of his own tracks…)
  • “We’ve cracked the code..”
  • “It doesn’t matter if you’ve never created a beat in your life!”
  • “Imagine how it will feel to copy that new beat you just heard”  (I imagine I’ll feel really unoriginal.)

Just a bit of advice: this video makes light of industry tools like  DAWs, mixers, VSTs, soundcards, and keyboards – and it’s true, you don’t necessarily need top-of-the-line gear to make incredible music. What you do need is committment, and a willingness to dedicate yourself to production and getting better. There’s no tool out there that will make you a “top notch producer in minutes!”, so don’t fall for products like this.

Editorial Disclaimer: We’ve never used this software. (Obviously- if I had I’d be a multi-millionaire and famous, right?) 

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