Video: DJ Shiftee Analyzes DJ Shiftee’s Kontrol Z2 Routine

Unless you’re deep into the DMC scene, it’s not that common to see in-depth analysis of other DJ’s performances, tricks, and routines – but today our friends over at DubSpot have done just that. Except instead of someone else analyzing a routine, DJ Shiftee is looking at his own routine on the Kontrol Z2 mixer – with the help of a pint-size version of himself, Little Shiftee.

It’s a great behind the scenes of how Shiftee uses the Z2 and Traktor’s Cue Points, Remix Decks, and his own Maschine mapping to build a performance. The video also clears up a lot of speculation – he is not controlling the additional Remix Deck slots with the Maschine MK II via some secret Maschine firmware.

Shiftee is offering the mapping he used for the Maschine MKII for free on Facebook in return for a Like

If this video makes you keen on some of the gear in it, check out the Kontrol Z2 or the Maschine MKII in the DJTT webstore. 

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