MixVibes Cross 2.4: 4 Decks + HID Control

MixVibes continues to close the gap between its DJ software and the other big players in the industry, and the release of Cross 2.4 is no exception. The new version of Cross features four decks in the software, the bottom two of which can be switched between sample and player mode, similar to Traktor’s Remix Decks / Track Decks (note that there are still only 4 slots in the sample modes – it’s not Remix Deck sized in that respect).

Each of the decks can also now be controlled via HID devices, an advancement which will allow Pioneer CDJ users (not just the Nexus, as some other outlets have reported) to use a Sync Link workflow where each deck follows a master- but master status is attributed automatically based on what the primary playing deck is. Have a look at how this HID control works in the video below:

Additionally, the new version of MixVibes also incudes controller mappings for a few key intro-style models, including the Numark MixTrack/2/Pro2, Denon SC2900, and Pioneer DDJ-WeGO.

Will Cross become a staple in DJ booths overnight? Probably not – but if they continue to build a feature set that brings them into alignment with all of the other offerings, there’s a chance that they could make a move at the market fairly easily with a few forward-thinking features.

Learn more about Mixvibes Cross on their official site

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