Rapidly Slice A Track To A Traktor Remix Deck

We keep spotting awesome new concepts on the DJTT forum community, and this concept video adds to the list with a Midi Pipe script being used to take a song and rapidly create a sliced-up Remix Deck out of 16 counts of a track. Big ups to rdej47 for working on this (all night!) and building an awesome feature that should get incorporated into Traktor!

Watch his overview in the video below, and read/download the instructions beneath that to try it out for yourself (you’ll need a Novation Dicer to use it right away):

I was up till 5am working on this concept. After reading the old DJTT “String Theory” I got inspired to pursue an idea I have had for a while. The idea is to be able to chop a track like an MPC into 16 individual hits that can be drummed out and rearranged on the fly. I know you can do this with a Twitch or a properly placed cue points but I wanted to the freedom do it anytime and then save the kit if I liked it. Another concept I wished to implement was the ability to chop a bunch of cells but alter the pitch so you could play different melodies. Unfortunately this functionality is still locked for the Remix Decks.

If you’d like to test this out here is what you need.

  • Traktor 2.6.2 + Midi Pipe (free download for Mac) + Novation Dicer
  • Dicer midi pipe file and Dicer Remix Deck.tsi
  • Open Dicer midi pipe file and go to midi in on the right menu, make sure dicer is selected as the input
  • Import the Dicer Remix Deck.tsi and in the controller manager for your input select midi port
  • Make sure Deck B is Track Deck and Deck D is a Remix Deck
  • Go to the Move menu in the advanced tab of Deck B and ensure that Move is set to BeatJump (not Loop, Loop in or Loop out)
  • Now you should be able to load track into Deck B, hold button 2 (2 dots) on the Dicer, press button 1 (1 dot) and it should slice your track to the remix deck.

Let me know if you have any questions. This is still a working concept but i’ll try help as much as possible and i’m going to work on getting compatibility for other controllers as well.

Read the full forum thread here and offer your feedback!

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