Bring DJTT Workshops + Tour To Your City In Europe!

We noticed some great comments in response to yesterday’s video of Ean in Costa Rica and decided  to let the cat out of the bag: DJ TechTools wants to take this experience on tour. We’re toying with the idea of planning a series of workshops and shows in Europe this fall and we want your help to determine what cities to visit..


The plan is to have a tour that’s similar to Ean’s recent mini-tour in Costa Rica (the video above), with dates in cities that combine local performances with in person workshops. The tour will include Ean Golden, and several other DJTT personalties. Our goal is to spread knowledge, information, and bring together members of the local DJ communities – advanced users and beginners alike!

What does the workshop entail? The workshops are usually 3-6 hour guided journeys into the deeper sides of Traktor, Ableton, or even both!

What does the club event entail? These gigs are usually headlined by DJTT crew with local support from the members of the community in that particular city or area.  Since we’ve never done this in Europe, I expect these gigs will be extremely popular!


In order to really make this happen, we need great partners to help pull this off. This includes promoters, club owners, and local DJ educators that have professional experience throwing parties and holding events. The areas we’re planning to hit are the UK, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy – and maybe more! If you want to book a gig in your local city or organize a workshop, send an email to booking[at]djtechtools[dot]com– include:

  • What city are you located in?
  • What your profession is (educator, club owner, promoter)
  • If you’re interested in booking a show, what’s your budget?
  • If you’re interested in holding a workshop, how many students would you expect?

If you’d like to get involved in helping the tour itself in some way, let us know what experience you have with tours and how you’d like to help.


We’re aiming to start the tour in the end of September, running throughout the entire month of October. This is of course contingent on getting enough interest and securing some solid dates.


If you’re a promoter or an educator in another city and want to bring Ean Golden and the TechTools experience to your town, we’re open to it! We can’t promise we’ll make it everywhere this year, but we’ll try to get as many places as is realistic.


We’re looking to choose a few cities in Europe where the most of our community who are interested will be able to attend – so in the spirit of keeping our decisions community-based, we’re asking for your input! If you’re in Europe and want to come out, where would you like us to come to?

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