Faderfox DJ44 Solidcontrol Portable Controller

Instead of having a case for your DJ controller, why not have your DJ controller be your case? That’s what Hamburg-based DJ gear manufacturer Faderfox must have been thinking when first designing the DJ44. The controller acts as a complete two-channel controller for mixing internally in Traktor Pro (or any other DJ software with a bit of mapping), and sports a integrated case cover that attaches with a simple latch on the front and rear of the case.

Faderfox Controller DJ44

For those familiar with Faderfox’s controllers, the buttons, knobs, and faders remain the same – very much built for a more technical-oriented DJ who’s looking for precise control, but might not care as much about cue point juggling or rapid cutting on the cross fader. Never-the-less, Faderfox’s reputation of having an incredible amount of control packed into a small space ( 290x220x55 mm – about the dimensions of a piece of two-inch-thick paper) holds true on this unit. Here’s the full list of features:

  • Setup files for Traktor Pro/Duo 2 and Ableton Live are shipped with the controller
  • USB interface with bus powering- class compliant / no driver necessary
  • Controls up to four decks – easy switching between deck A-C and B-D on the fly
  • Complete mixer control with EQs, faders, gain, pan, filter, FX assign, kill and monitor keys
  • Center spreaded scale for filter pot for better control feeling (Traktor)
  • Double command filter pot for simultaneous control of two filters [bipolar filter] (Ableton Live)
  • Shifted center position for perfect control of the EQ three [0dB = center pos] (Ableton Live)
  • Global section with browser / tree encoders, load buttons and pots for main / monitor / mix levels
  • Two FX sections with each 4 pots and 4 keys switchable to 4 FX slots
  • Tempo control by pitch encoders and sync keys (Traktor)
  • Loop sections with encoders, keys and 2-digit-displays
  • 21 extra large buttons for hotcue access and transport functions
  • All controls with double functions by holding down the shift button
  • LED bars with 8 segments for different level and position indications
  • 4 internal setups with various programmable functions
  • Upgradable firmware by simple Sysex-dump
  • Very compact and solid design in a silver metal casing

The one caveat – with no soundcard in the controller, DJs might take issue with the price of the DJ44 – which at the time of writing is running €420 (excluding VAT) –  about $560

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