Mixed In Key 6.0 Released: Updated Algorithm, Energy Segment Detection

The Mixed In Key crew released the brand new 6.0 version of their key detection software for DJs over the weekend, bringing with it a set of updates that will make key detection more accurate for digital DJs. In the press release we got for 6.0, MIK boasted to be “600%” more detailed in the analysis than their previous algorithm. We asked the founder and CEO Yakov where he got the number from, and what changed in the algorithm that makes it work better:

The previous algorithm works great, but it was invented in 2011 and we’ve come a long way since then. Here’s the difference: The previous version analyzed the melody and combined all “A” notes into one overall value for “A”, regardless of octave. Similarly, all C# notes would be combined into a single “C#” value for analysis. The old version would group the bassline together with the lead synths, the pads, and so on. The new version can “hear” music in higher resolution, and analyzes each track in 6.83x times more detail (over 600%) because it listens to the entire piano roll. The heart and soul of Mixed In Key is the same, but the algorithms were improved.

A piano to verify MIK's results - and if necessary, update them.
A piano to verify MIK’s results – and if necessary, update them.

Any time we write about key detection, it’s critical to note that trusting your ears is probably the best way to make sure that your tracks work well together. Mixed in Key has taken this to heart and incorporated a Grand Piano into their software, letting you instantly check the results against an instrument. Find a more accurate result with the piano and update the key results instantly.

Detecting the energy level throughout a song.
Detecting the energy level throughout a song.

The new version also analyzes tracks for variable energy level segments throughout a track in a nearly identical way to how the Flow DJ software works. DJs can manually edit the energy level of different sections if they want.

The 6.0 version of Mixed In Key costs $58 for new users who have never purchased a copy before, and $29.99 for everyone with a copy of 5.0 or earlier – and is available for download now.

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