Routine: DJ Angelo on Reloop RP-8000s

The newest entry in the turntable world has arrived from Reloop, the RP-8000 with integrated cue point / loop / roll controls built into the body of the table. DJTT has just recently received our review unit (expect a comparison review versus other tables in the new year), and we were stoked to see that the prolific DJ Angelo put together a routine video for the launch:

It’s a bit too bold to say that Reloop’s new turntable is poised to create a revolution and bring turntables back to DJ booths where they’ve gone missing. What will be interesting will be how the existing turntablism community reacts – if the build quality and performance is good enough that turntablists will consider the RP-8000 to have the potential to become a new standard.

Learn more about the RP-8000 from Reloop in the original announcement post here.

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