Controllerism For Guitars: Livid Guitar Wing Controller

Livid Instruments is joining the NAMM announcement train, launching a Kickstarter for their new controller that attaches itself to a guitar and allows instant control of iOS apps, MIDI effects units, software plugins, and DAWs. Dare we call it the equivalent of a Novation Dicer for guitars? Watch the initial Kickstarter video overview below and then read more details after that:

The Guitar Wing can adjust to most guitars and basses, and since it’s wireless, there’s no additional cabling to route through your instrument. The unit sends class-compliant MIDI over Bluetooth, is lithium-ion battery-powered (charges over USB), has an accelerometer for motion control, 5 pressure sensitive pads, 3 touch faders, 6 function buttons, 4 select switches, and RGB lighting on all controls.

The Guitar Wing will also come with the Wing FX software plugin for simple mapping of controls, that essentially acts as an effects rack for Guitar Wing – enabling quick control over sample playback, filters, overdrive, delay, wah, phasers, pitch shifting, and more.

Livid’s Kickstarter needs to raise $45,000 in the next month to be successful – and backers can get units for $149 (limited to 300 units) or $179.

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