iZotope BreakTweaker: BT’s New Drum-Sculpting Plug-in | NAMM 2014

BreakTweaker is an incredible beat-oriented VST instrument designed by DJ/producer/composer BT the breaks the mode of traditional step sequencers. You can stretch each note in the sequence to any length, and then apply MicroEdits to them.

iZotope BreakTweaker's Sequencer view.
iZotope BreakTweaker’s Sequencer view.

Breaktweaker is made up of Three main modules: the Sequencer, the MicroEdit Engine, and the Generator (wavetable synth). Other key features include:

  • Isorhythmic sequencer tracks — vary the time signature of tracks so that beats evolve as they loop and don’t repeat identically.
  • Tracks route individually to separate outputs, and you can automate track mute, solo, and other parameter in the DAW.
  • 2 GB library of processed one-shots designed just for BreakTweaker such as many multi-layered snares and kicks that sound great straight out of the box.
  • A Discover feature analyzes and displays similar-sounding samples, making it much easier to locate the perfect sample to fit your production needs.

It’s incredibly hard to describe  – so we’ll let iZotope show it off in a video:

With the MicroEdit Engine users can:

  • Glitch any drum sample or rhythm with hi-res pitch, arp, and texture control—all the way down to a micro-slice level.
  • Divide a single sequenced event into up to 1,024 unique slices and then apply additional effects.
  • Add tension, slopes, and curves to shape the contour and rotation of the slices, then apply additional effects.
  • Change an entire beat with the Randomize feature, which automatically MicroEdits the selected step in the Sequencer pattern.

BeatTweaker’s Generator comes with a library full of crazy custom wavetables, LFO shapes and envelopes designed by BT and other producers, which you can employ to create drums or other synthesized sounds using the two morphing wavetable oscillators. These oscillators can be used in five wavetable modes: single, additive, ring modulation, amplitude modulation, or frequency modulation. Additionally, BeatTweaker has tons of built-in Generator presets you can tweak to fit specific needs.


It’s an investment that — with all the included features, presets, and 2 GB of samples — should pay off in creative potential. Breaktweaker is available now; it’s $199/$249 for BreakTweaker and BreakTweaker Expanded for a limited time; then $249/$299. (BreakTweaker Expanded includes three additional sound Expansion packs.)

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