Is Pioneer Working On A New DJ Turntable?

DJTT forums member enorjy shared a tidbit that he noticed while watching the interview section of DJ QBert’s appearance on DJ City’s MikiDz Show last week. QBert starts to talk about a project that Pioneer DJ might or might not be working on – and then stops when he realizes he’s said to much:

Pioneer’s supposed to be having some secret thing coming out – what? […] These companies are starting to get the idea, and there’s a lot of surprises also from our end that I’m not supposed to talk about. Like I wasn’t supposed to say something about the Pioneer. […] They’re doing something – I didn’t say what it exactly was, even though we’re talking about turntables.

Watch the video for yourself below – skip to 55:25 (or watch the whole thing – an awesome performance in the beginning):

Read more discussion on the original forum thread – some interesting speculation in there, including lasers instead of needles.

The header photo is a Pioneer Pro DJ-3500 – their last serious entry into the DJ turntable market. 

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