Pitch Fade: DJ Marketplace App for iOS

Launched a few hours ago, Pitch Fade aims to bring DJ booking from Craigslist and into a self-contained application. DJs can sign up and build a profile, set an hourly rate, and add details about the types of events they’ll play, what genres of music they’re comfortable with, what gear they can provide, etc.

At the same time, consumers looking to hire DJs can search for them in a city or region, review their profiles, and make a request to book the DJ for an event. Booking a DJ requires a credit card, as the app also handles payment processing, paying the DJ after the gig and directly depositing it to the DJ’s bank account. The catch is that Pitch Fade charges a 10% commission fee – but if the app catches on in the mainstream then DJs using the platform might see significantly more gigs.

Watch their cheesy-but-effective launch promo video below:

Our initial impression is that Pitch Fade has a solid chance to become the marketplace it wants to be. The success of the app absolutely hinges on consumer adoption. With a strong marketing campaign that reaches people who want to book DJs, it could very easily become the Lyft or AirBNB for the DJ industry.

The Pitch Fade app is a free download in the iTunes App Store here

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