Routine: DJ Pipe “Israeli Rasta” On Turntables, Maschine MK2, Kontrol Z2

One of the best things a DJ can do to understand a track, the structure of a song, and how different parts work together is by deconstruction. Then through re-creating the track, you come out the other side with a better understanding of the music and, maybe, an awesome routine. DJ Pipes is a DJ from Tel Aviv and in this routine he uses turntable, a Maschine MK2, and a Kontrol Z2 to remake an Israeli Rasta track. Watch his routine and read inside to see how it was done.

How did you prepare for this routine?

I just found a flute sample while practicing scratching with battle breaks and then I scratched some vocals on a random beat. Then I stored 2 cue points on the flute sample and create shots to retrigger using the Maschine. It sounded very nice to me and that is the moment I understood it was a classic hook for a DJ routine. I then built the track around the flute by introducing other samples and vocals.

What inspired you to create this routine with this song specifically?

I am a Hip-hop DJ and I grew up on listening to hip hop every day. Lyrics and rhymes are like second nature to me. After the beat was done, I searched for acapellas and when I found that accapella I thought, “This is going to be the right accapella for this one!”

Can you explain how each piece of gear was used in your mix?

On my beats I like scratching the sounds for the beat so I used the turntables to scratch the flute, the bassline, and vocals (one shot samples, not the main MC.) I used NI Maschine for the rest of the beat – drums and samples. The Z2 mixer is a really cool mixer for Traktor users. First, it controls the software in an almost complete, all-in-one way. Great innofaders inside + cue points. I triggered the flute through the cue points + scratching. Also, the delay on the flute came from Traktor’s built in FX unit.

How long did it take you to prepare this routine? Is this something you do live during a set?

I know that for me, the good things are created at the less time. I think I was 70% done after 6 hours. When you feel it, you feel it, and it all happens so fast. The mixing and the buildup took me probably 3 days more. Most of my DJ routines are happening live when I perform. I always prefer the live version of routines because it just gives me adrenaline and I think that it goes directly to the crowd. People can tell when you are having fun. DJing is not the guy playing tracks. DJing is the guy that runs the show.

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