Routine: Grand Master Flash Tutorial (1983)

In 1983, Grand Master Flash was making history and paving the way for the future of turntablism. Grand Master Flash pioneered the way for DJs and innovated numerous techniques. Today we have an antique routine that doubles as a fun tutorial from the master himself. Grand Master Flash demonstrates what the whole world wants to know, “What is a break mix?” Break out your notebook and watch how to do a break mix below.

Key Concepts and Definitions

The trick to executing a proper break mix is a lot more than just scratching and moving the cross fader left to right. There are specific moves that need to be performed at specific times with in the mix. Grand Master Flash touches on these specific phases and techniques:

Scratch Phase – Manipulate the record by moving the wrist back and forth, on the beat. (2:00)

Silent Phase – Manipulate the record like the scratch phase, on beat, but with small pauses in between. (2:20)

Meliodic Scratch – Scratching a specific rhythm and speed at the same time of the beat. (2:45)

The Grand Master Crossover – A quick cut from record to record with slight scratching, on time, all the time. (3:15)

And here is a final word from Grand Master Flash,

“For the people that paid their hard earned money to come into the disco techs, I don’t think it is totally fair, really, to just start a record from the beginning and wait for it to end to mix the next one in. I mean, you’re not doing no work. If you are going to do work, do work.

Grand Master Flash pioneered the way for DJs by taking a risk and trying something new. Take a risk when you’re mixing and try to create your own techniques. As technology evolves, there will always be room for innovation. If there is a new technique or routine you want to share with us, you can always suggest an article.

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