One Button Super Mapping: Winner and Compilation

Last month we ran a “One Button Mapping” contest, in which everyone was invited to create special mappings that would be triggered by a single button. For example, a series of effects might be triggered in a cascading order with just one press. The results were fantastic, with a host of truly inspired entries that demonstrated the creative potential of personal mapping. Today we will show you some of the most interesting ideas, and announce the winner.

First, all of the entrants were truly excellent. I was really proud of everyone and the creativity they exhibited.

  • Read the original contest article and scroll through the comments to check out some of the contestants
  • Visit and select “One Button Mappings” from the controller drop down to download all of the entries.



Ferran managed to combine some incredibly slick combos together that brought many of the other concepts into one simple mapping. For that reason, he was the clear winner both in execution, usability, and sheer mapping genius!

Download the “Instant Mixer”  mapping here 



Everything was so good that we combined them all into one special super mapping for the Midi Fighter 3D. The mapping is simple to understand and use:

  • Each of the arcade buttons launch a different one button idea
  • The motion control modifies them and adds other effects
  • You can route the effects to each deck by pressing the 4 bank buttons or the 4 side corner buttons
  • The middle buttons on the sides are “safe” and turn off all effects.

Download V1 of the “One Button Mash-Up” Mapping here. 

This is very much a first version, and we want to hear from you on how it can be improved. Further versions will be improved and uploaded regularly so download and subscribe!

Tell us in the comments – what should our next contest be?

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