Virtual DJ 8 Sets Sights On Being The Best DVS DJ System

Virtual DJ holds an unfair reputation as being an intro level piece of software that serves as a great starting point for many younger DJs. Virtual DJ has been around for a long time and even though their software isn’t as high-visiblity as Traktor or Serato,  the Atomix Productions team has put in the resources to develop what they claim is “the best DVS system on the market”. There are a lot of interesting features that come with Virtual DJ 8 and inside we uncover what the user can expect out of the software’s DVS system. Read more about VDJ’s DVS and see it live below.

Virtual DJ’s Take on DVS

DVS control is a unique feature that is sought after by many and is usually held to some pretty high standards. That is understandable considering the purpose of DVS is to mimic vinyl which is a very unique form of media. In VDJ 8, the DVS system does a lot more than just support current DVS hardware. The system inside Virtual DJ does not require anyone to buy hardware specifically designed for the VDJ engine. Virtual DJ worked to make a system that is compatible on the market and one that Atomix claims, “works out of the box,” with anyone else’s system.

“Several months of development time went into making the best DVS engine on the market, it’s truly a game changer as the first cross platform compatible DVS software that will work with virtually all existing DVS hardware and records on the market,” said Andrew Van Almen of Atomix.

Atomix feels very confident with their DVS system considering the assumptions they are making regarding the compatibility of the software. The new DVS system is also reported to work with any DJ audio interface with two stereo inputs and two stereo outputs. That also means controllers with the ability to connect turntables or CDJs and the user can use their current timecode with Virtual DJ or the VDJ timecode solution. Atomix is really trying to show the world that Virtual DJ really can compete with the rest of the market and they are challenging DJs to download the software to try for themselves. DJs such as DJ EtRoNiK, DMC USA Champion/WMC Scratch Champion have gotten behind the software by tweeting:

“This new DVS system really kicks ass. It’s actually at least as good as the others, if not better. I didn’t expect that from Virtual DJ. But I’m having a blast using it!”

Watch Atomix’s new Virtual DJ feature series Power Room below and see the DVS system in action.

To be honest, I personally only thought of Virtual DJ as the intro level software you find inside any affordable controller package. However, their new DVS system does seem promising and if it can really perform at the caliber that Atomix says it can in, the software may have a chance of competing with Traktor and Serato. Only time will tell but I am glad to see Virtual DJ taking pride in their work on the platform.

You can test out the new DVS system by downloading the Virtual DJ 8 demo.

What are your thoughts about Virtual DJ and their DVS system? Is this something you would consider using for your DVS needs?

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