The Midi Fighter Twist-Off: Twister Routine Contest, Win $500 in DJ Gear

We’ve decided to issue a challenge to our community who happen to have a Midi Fighter Twister – a routine video contest specifically for our encoder-laden controller. If you can craft a clever, unique, or exciting routine featuring the Twister, you could be chosen to win $500 store credit and the notoriety that comes with being featured on the DJTT blog and social media networks.


The Midi Fighter Twist-Off is pretty simple – we’re looking to our community to create some unique and interesting routines that in some way incorporate the Twister. Entering is simple:

  1. Craft an original routine/performance using the Midi Fighter Twister (and any other gear / tech / software you want)
  2. Record it (ideally with great-sounding audio; get some tips on making a great performance video from Ean Golden in this article)
  3. Upload to YouTube and include “Midi Fighter Twist-Off” in the title (we also recommend sharing it in the comments on this article and on your social networks for support)



It’s very important to understand that a few factors will make your performance stand out from others. You don’t need to be a video editing genius or have finger drumming skills to match Jeremy Ellis in order to win. The video can be as simple as a one minute Remix Deck sequencer routine on the Midi Fighter or as complex as Rheyne’s latest live jam performance. Here’s a great example of a video that would be a solid entry from Tim Murray:

A few tips:

  • Video Quality: don’t worry too much about making your video super-professional. Instead focus on the things that matter – like recording good quality audio. If you want some tips on making a great DJ performance video, read this article.
  • Bonus Points for any of the following (none are required to win!): Using the Twister’s built-in step sequencer, filming your performance in a unique environment, adding LED animations, using the Twister in a non-traditional way (ex: controlling visuals, lighting, etc)


We’ll be choosing one Grand Prize winner who will have the choice between $300 cash or $500 in DJTT store credit.

We’ll also be choosing at least 2 Runner Up winners who will win a Midi Fighter T-Shirt and $30 in DJTT store credit. In the past, we’ve expanded on the number of winners to recognize more awesome entries, and we suspect this could happen again.

In addition we’ll be linking to all the winners’ personal producer/DJ projects (Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube, etc) on the DJTT blog – which is a great chance for additional exposure to a global audience.


To enter, you’ll need to upload a video to YouTube (it should be a new video, not one you’ve already made in the past) and include “Midi Fighter Twist-Off” in the title somewhere. We also recommend sharing it in the comments to this article (link) as well as to your social networks for support!

We will not be judging you on your ability to promote the video – but we will pay attention to people’s comments and reactions, so share it with people who will support you! Please don’t vote all the other entrants negatively, we don’t care about YouTube ratings – and you should be supportive of your fellow competitors.

The deadline to upload a video entry is November 24th at midnight.  

If you have any questions, ask away in the comments! Here’s a few

Do I need to own a Twister right now to enter? Can I borrow one from a friend or buy one? 

Yes, anyone who buys a Twister between now and the end of the contest can enter as well. We don’t mind anyone borrowing DJ gear – we actually encourage it. If you live near DJTT HQ, you might even be able to borrow one in the DJTT pop up shop if you stop by!

Will you guys have a contest that isn’t focused on the Twister soon? 

Yep – we’re planning a more traditional mix contest that will debut on the blog in the next few months.

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