Routine: DJ Enferno’s Live “3005” Remix

DJ Enferno made a splash a couple months ago with DJ Shiftee when the two debuted their partnership, E.A.S.Y., and yesterday DJ Enferno dropped a new remix of Childish Gambino’s hit “3005.” Instead of uploading the track straight to Soundcloud, DJ Enferno uploaded a live version that he recorded in his studio. With two turntables, a mixer, a Maschine MK2, and a keyboard, Enferno banged out a super hype remix to not only show us how he made it but also showcase his skills as a DJ, showing the possibilities of live production in a set. Watch Enferno break down and rebuild 3005.

DJ Sets with Live Remixes

Once again, DJ Enferno has shown us that controllerism goes far beyond just pushing buttons and making the bass drop. Now this wasn’t intended to be shown as a segment of a DJ mix but the way DJ Enferno set-up his workflow leaves a lot of room to add live production straight into a DJ set. Enferno already uses two turntables and a mixer with Serato to DJ and it would be very simple for him to go from live production into a less complicated DJ set. With the debate over real DJing and the movement to show controllerism is DJing, I think live production is a great way for DJs to meet the new standards being set by guys such as Enferno, Shiftee, Craze and A-trak. Not every song has to be remixed or produced live but a couple songs sprinkled into an hour set may be easier than you think and it adds a unique flare that can only come from your creative mind.

Do you think live production is something DJs should incorporate into their sets?

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