Breaking: Mixed in Key 7.0 sets Automatic Cue Points for Traktor/Serato

Mixed In Key has announced version 7.0 of their famous key detection software. This time they’ve added a powerful new feature for Traktor and Serato, automatic cue points. Placing cue points in tracks can be a time consuming process. DJ’s have to load all their tracks individually, find suitable spots, then mark each cue point. With the latest update from Mixed In Key, the software will analyze tracks, detect the BPM/Key as usual, and it will set 8 cue points inside of the tracks. The most impressive part is that it can set cue points for multiple tracks, which will save DJ’s tons of time in preparing tracks. The full details have been released and a video is available on Mixed In Key’s YouTube channel showing the feature in action. It seems to do a fine job of setting cue points at critical parts in the track: intro, breakdown/buildup, chorus.

Mixed In Key 7.0 – Ahead of the Curve

Mixed In Key has been around since 2006 and for a long time it was the only key detection solution available. Competition has caught up in the last couple years with more software such as Traktor and Rekordbox incorporating key detection as a standard feature and more free software options. DJTT has posted a couple articles comparing the key detection amongst different software, the most recent comparison was in 2014. Mixed In Key has stayed ahead of the competition with new features such as “Energy” detection and an improved key detection algorithm. With this latest release Mixed In Key continues to be ahead of the curve and provide tools that are valuable to DJ’s.

Mixed In Key 7.0 costs $58 for new users who have never purchased a copy before, $29.99 for everyone with a copy of 5.0 or earlier. 6.0 users get a free update to 7.0 – and is available to download now.


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