Routine: DJ IZOH + Kumai Goro + 50 GoPros

DJ routines are not always solo adventures. Sometimes routines can consist of multiple DJs that play back to back in a battle style to create a cohesive track. While newsfeeds have been filled with the E.A.S.Y. duo, today DJ IZOH meets Kumai Goro in this routine which blends turntablism with live finger drumming. Watch the video below as the two create a strong routine with their completely different styles of performing and read on to find out how it is done.

Two DJ Worlds Collide

The performance is anything but ordinary. DJ IZOH and Kumai Goro use both are their skills to create a new mix that wouldn’t have been possible with just one DJ. Duos are always interesting to watch because two DJs flowing with creativity come together and perform more like a band than individual performers. Their routine continues to add a voice to the real DJing debate and below you can find a recap of the weapons used to create their monstrous track.


Kumai Goro

  • MPC Renaissance

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