“90s Boiler Room” Recuts With Horrible Pop Dance Tunes

We’re not too quick to make fun of anyone in the DJ world, but occasionally there’s a fun target that emerges that allows DJs to have a healthy self-reflection. This time, the internet has taken Boiler Room into their crosshairs, and the results are spectacularly hilarious. Something about taking the often stoic streams and flipping them into horrid 1990’s dance parties is just awesome.

Watch these recut drops from the fantastic YouTube channel 90’s Boiler Room – (UPDATE: Apparently Boiler Room didn’t enjoy these videos that much – some of them have been taken down unfortunately.)

Richie Hawtin

Sven Väth

David August

Steve Bug


Couldn’t resist editing my own real quickly from some Boiler Room footage I found online. If you are or ever have been mobile DJ, this is realllly easy to DIY – tap BPM on a Boiler Room clip, browse your library for your worst pop hit from the 90s in that BPM, and line up the waveforms in a video editor. It’s that easy!

Think you can put your own together? Share your custom Boiler Room edits in the comments below and we’ll add the top-voted ones to the article and give you full credit, of course! 

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