Mixfader: The Kickstarter for Bluetooth-Enabled Crossfaders

The Mixfader came out in March as one of the first bluetooth-enabled crossfaders for DJs to use with Edjing DJ app  (available on Windows, Android, and iOS). This bluetooth crossfader is the first of its kind to be seen on the market and it is a proponent for bringing mobile DJ apps into the booth. DJiT, the company behind the fader, have announced a Kickstarter that will let interested DJs get behind the project and have a chance to get their very own Mixfader.

A Bluetooth-Enabled Crossfader

The Mixfader is a product of turntablists and engineers coming together to create a product for DJs to use with their mobile devices. One of the biggest concerns readers had in the previous article regarding the Mixfader was the latency of the product. Bluetooth doesn’t have a reputation for having the lowest latency for audio however the team behind the Mixfader reports that they have reached “ultra low latency” with their crossfader.

“[…] our engineers worked hard to achieve a latency of 5 ms.” – DJiT

In terms of latency, 5ms is not bad at all and the proof may be in their promo video featuring 9 0’clock, the 2014 DMC champions.

Getting Behind the Fader

The Kickstarter is live as of May 27th, 2015 and DJiT has the goal of $55,000 (€50,000) to mass produce the Mixfader. After debuting the product at SXSW, the company felt that having a Kickstarter for the project would be an efficient way of funding the venture while also getting people interested in DJing to pledge their support. If a DJ is looking to get their hands on a Mixfader, that will take a pledge of at least $54 (€49) which entails receiving a Mixfader out of the first batch produced (due to ship out in November 2015).

The Mixfader is an interesting product for DJs who are looking towards using their mobile device to spin tracks. Apparently, the device will also be compatible with external turntables which will open this device up to even more DJs and, if that is the case, $54 is not a bad price for a crossfader.

Learn more about the Mixfader on DJiT’s Kickstarter page.

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