Launchpad Mk2 Revealed: Design Update + RGB Pads

This year’s NAMM show saw the teasing of the Launchpad Pro, which got a bunch of awesome features including full RGB pads, velocity sensitivity, and MIDI in/out.  But this week Novation is announcing a brand new base model of the Launchpad series, the Launchpad Mk2, which rocks an almost identical design to the classic but sports new RGB pads. Watch it in action:

What’s New In Launchpad Mk2?

The truth is there’s not MUCH different about the unit itself – which is a good thing. It’s still the same layout – but the design has been updated to match the design on the Launchpad Mini and Pro cases. It’s still just as light weight and portable as ever, and remains bus-powered (this always starts to get difficult to achieve when a manufacturer starts adding more LED features).

The MK2 automatically works with Ableton Live’s drumracks and clip launching screens, and even comes with a version of Live Lite, 1 GB of Loopmasters samples, and a few synthesizer VSTs.

We’re still waiting on details in terms of pricing and release date for this new iteration of the Launchpad – but we suspect that it will continue to have a very similar pricing, keeping it the middle-of-the road option between the Launchpad Mini and Pro.

Read More: Learn about the Launchpad Pro here

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