Setting Up and Using XDJ-1000s With Traktor Pro 2.8

With the new version of Traktor coming out just a few weeks ago and opening up HID mode to the sub-$1000 Pioneer XDJ-1000s, times are changing. Suddenly, a relatively affordable CDJ-style setup is available that works very easily with Traktor. Learn how to set up and use the players with Traktor in this guide.

Connecting + Updating 

There’s three simple steps for getting a pair of XDJs ready for use with Traktor:

How The XDJ/Traktor Connection Works

Once properly connected, all you have to do on the XDJ-1000s is choose the deck you want to control, and then instantly all of the controls are mapped and ready to be used. There’s no setup needed, which is great! Thanks Pioneer and NI for making this so easy.

Features that work:

  • All playback controls
  • Browsing the collection / library and loading tracks
  • Looping and Beatjump
  • Quantize and Slip/Flux modes

Features that don’t work:

  • Reverse mode (there’s no reverse playback in Traktor)
  • Vinyl start/stop speed knob (there’s no way to achieve this in Traktor without FX)
  • Loop Jump mode (this should be very easy for Pioneer to get working…)
  • Detailed Waveform (but you’ve got a computer to look at the detail easily)

Our Review Of This Style Of Setup

This setup is at once versatile (thanks to Traktor and having a massive library of songs) and familiar (thanks to the CDJ layout). We’re big fans, especially considering the price point – and we suspect that Pioneer and NI might continue to add more features in that are missing like Loop Jump.

If you’re more interested in just seeing how the XDJs hold up on their own in standalone, check out our review here:

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