Can You DJ Off The Internet In A Club? Djay Pro + CDJs + Spotify Tested

We’ve seen time and again in the music industry how streaming services are taking over – but in the DJ world, owning your own music has stayed the norm. Today Ean takes a closer look at how Algoriddim’s djay Pro could be changing that, testing the app and its integration with Spotify.

  • Software: djay Pro for Mac
  • Price: $49.99
  • Availability: On the Mac Store
  • Requirements: To get Spotify integration working, you’ll need Spotify Premium ($9.99/month)

Overall the app is very sophisticated for what many have viewed traditionally as a basic DJ application – with advanced features like MIDI mapping, X/Y effects (with more effects from Sugarbytes available to purchase as well), and four decks of control. It’s all around fairly impressive – watch the video above to get Ean’s take.

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