Traktor 2.10 Out Now: Kontrol S5 Support, Dual Aux Inputs

Live right now in the Native Instruments Service Center is a brand new version of Traktor, 2.10. There’s only a few little changes, most notably the support of the upcoming Traktor Kontrol S5, which is due in stores this Thursday (check out a preorder unit here in the DJTT store or read more about the controller here).

The official notes for Traktor 2.10 are incredibly slim and don’t let on a lot aside from indicating that there’s now support for the four-channel Kontrol S5 controller:


  • TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 SUPPORT: TRAKTOR PRO 2 now supports the new TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 all-in-one controller. The TRAKTOR PRO 2.10 update also includes the required Controller Editor update for TRAKTOR KONTROL S5.
  • AUX INPUT NOW SUPPORTS 2 STEREO INPUTS: TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 features a Mic and an Aux line input that both feed through the ‘AUX’ knob in TRAKTOR PRO 2. To support simultaneous routing of both audio signals, the ‘Aux Input’ section of the ‘input routing’ preference page in TRAKTOR PRO 2 now features two inputs that can be fed to the ‘AUX’ knob together. This feature is available for all users.


  • Scratch Support restored for legacy Scratch Certified devices
  • Fixed Remix Deck tempo control from TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 and D2
  • Fixed freezes/crashes due to certain ID3 tagging WAV files

The 2.10 update for Mac and PC can be downloaded via the Service Center app or by logging into your NI account on their website.

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