6 More Under-Appreciated Controllerism Routines On YouTube

We’ve seen another recent uptick in the number of finger drumming and controllerism routines on the web, so it seemed like a good time to put together a sequel to our first compilation of underappreciated routines on YouTube. Start your weekend off right with some inspiration for your next controllerism routine or DJ video!

What Makes These Controllerism Routines “Under-Appreciated”?

Before we get started, a quick note about how these were selected – we like to find routines that technically very solid, but are lurking on YouTube with under 5,000 views. These are the future stars and current underdogs of controllerism, who might lack the natural exposure in their networks to make it big. Enjoy our selections below:

“Ready For The Weekend” on Midi Fighter 3D

Artist: Butter Churn
Gear Used: Midi Fighter 3D
Sampled: Jurassic 5’s “Quality Control”

Athen’s-based Butter Churn didn’t share a lot of details about this clean routine on a MF3D, but we dig the smooth stylings he throws down. It’s a finger drumming ready edit of a classic Jurassic 5 track, even sampling some vocals in the final section. Fresh!

“Just Press Play” Controllerism Mix on DDJ-SR

Artist: inaudible
Gear Used: Pioneer DDJ-SR

This is more of a long form controllerism-oriented routine – a proper DJ set with controllerism elements – from Taiwan-based DJ inaudible. The set goes many different directions in genre, and at the end of it we felt pretty well convinced that of the Pioneer DDJ controllers, the SR has everything that a DJ needs for a solid set, even if they want to go above and beyond with samples, scratching, and FX. Click through to YouTube if you want a full track list of this set.

“Peking Ruckus” on Midi Fighter 3D

Artist: Tune K / Jeff Tunque
Gear Used: Midi Fighter 3D
Software: Ableton Live
Project File: Available as a part of Mad Zach Soundpack Vol 4 on DJTT’s store

Mad Zach has been hiding out in Berlin, and the latest reports are he’s working on even more awesome soundpacks for a fifth volume – but we’ve seen some great videos of people come out recently of people slamming away on some of the packs from Volume 4. DJTT follower Jeff Tunque has his chops down solid in this performance of Peking Ruckus – keep it up and Zach will have someone to watch out for! If you like this one, watch his two-handed routine on a remix of 80’s R&B track “Just Once” as well.

“Feelings” on Novation Launchpad

Artist: Halux
Gear Used: Novation Launchpad
Software: Ableton Live
Project File: Available on Splice

Launchpad controllerism routines with fancy lighting FX are a dime a dozen on the internet – but when it’s a solid production, we take notice. Halux’s routine a winner in that regard – his routine seems similar to styles we’ve seen from Nev and Shawn Wasabi. As a bonus, he’s giving out the project file on Splice, meaning anyone can give the routine a shot for themselves!

“Peso” on Midi Fighter + iPad

Artist: Zachary ???
Gear Used: Midi Fighter Spectra, iPad, Novation LaunchControl
Software: BeatMaker 2

Connecting a MIDI controller up to an iPad used to be relatively latency-prone, but recently iOS has apparently gotten much better – enough to allow this solid cut up of A$AP Rocky’s Peso get played out live. It’s a pretty slick setup – one that Zachary notes “is a really cool and convenient combo since this setup is portable which means I can carry it everywhere”.

“The Table’s Sound” on Plates, Silverware, Bread, Water

Artist: Matthew S
Gear Used: Various things on the table (wired up to trigger drums- maybe via a Makey Makey?)

Just like in the last article, we’ve found another controllerism routine that incorporates food / eating. Is this the secret recipe for an awesome video? In this one, Matthew S is using the objects in front of him to trigger samples on a computer, with each of the objects connected via an alligator clip and wire to an unseen MIDI-generating interface. We know the Makey Makey is easily capable of this – but it could also just be a simple Arduino setup of some kind. Either way, it’s a fun and original routine!

Have a recent favorite DJ or controllerism routine that you think we should feature here or on the blog? Share it in a comment below and vote up your favorites. 

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