Pioneer DJM-900SRT Discontinued, DJM-350 Relaunched

As a Pioneer DJ dealer, we regularly get updates from them on what gear is starting or ending production. Concurrent with the announcement of the XDJ-700 player, we found out two new interesting changes on Pioneer’s product line: the end of the Serato-ready DJM-900SRT and a new beginning for the DJM-350, which had quietly gone off the market late last year. Read on for our thoughts on what’s going on behind the scenes.

DJM-900SRT Discontinued

When this alternate-model of the DJM-900Nexus mixer was first introduced, it was a real head-scratcher – for some reason, the Serato version of the mixer had to be it’s own unit. The main distinguishing elements were four phono input channels and a fully Serato-certified soundcard – something that wasn’t possible on the 900NXS – until it became possible earlier this year.

With a simple software update, all Serato DJ users could use the 900NXS’s soundcard, and unlock DVS functionality with the Club Kit expansion pack (a one-time $169 download).

But owners of the DJM-900SRT suddenly found themselves with a less versatile mixer, since it isn’t compatible with Traktor control vinyl input.

This back-and-forth has lead only to confusion – Pioneer stands to gain a lot by removing the headaches of the DJM-900 line and discontinuing the less popular (and $300 more expensive) SRT model.

The DJM-350 Gets A Relaunch

Pioneer started eliminating a lot of their lower-end mixers and CDJs in the last few years, shifting a focus towards the high-end (and likely most profitable) products. The DJM-350 was one of the units to get the ax, and while some retailers continued to have stock over the last year, the product had officially been taken off Pioneer’s lineup.

But concurrent with the announcement of the budget-oriented XDJ-700 last week, Pioneer is bringing back the 350 to match in size and target audience – allowing the purchase of a complete Pioneer setup without spending the cash that a four-channel mixer requires.

What will Pioneer do next? Check out our speculation on the next CDJ/XDJ unit


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