Marking Vinyl Records With Stickers: Throwback Thursday DJ Technique

Want to indicate the moment that a beat kicks in or even modify a song to skip straight past the intro? This is easy in the digital DJ world – but what about when you’re mixing on turntables? Today Ean shows a classic DJ technique – using stickers to mark and modify your vinyl records. Watch how it works in this throwback tutorial:

Marking Vinyl Records

You can use any type of stickers when marking vinyl records – although if you want to avoid leaving gunk / glue residue on your record, you’ll want to use a less adhesive sticky marker, like painter’s tape. There are also a few custom stickers out there (often included with scratch records and control vinyl designed to look cool and stand out more than other stickers on a record.

Important Note: The second tip is a good way to permanently scratch your vinyl records. You might not care, or might just want to try it out once. We recommend only doing this in battle situations or more advanced sampling/turntablism situations where you always need to return to a specific sound or moment in a track, and don’t care about the rest of the record.

Have a suggestion for a future throwback DJ technique? Share it in the comments below.
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