NAMM 2016: Denon DJ VL12 Turntable; Could DVS Coming For Engine?

Denon DJ’s prize jewel on the NAMM floor is the standalone MCX-8000 controller, but they also introduced details on a new VL12 turntable that might be of interest for DJs specifically because it’s not the same as every other super-OEM turntable on the market. Designed from scratch, we’re taking this as a clear sign that Denon’s commitment to their other DJ gear (mixers and media players) is alive and well in 2016 – keep reading for more details on the VL12.

  • DJ Gear: VL12 turntable
  • Manufacturer: Denon DJ
  • Price: ~$699
  • Availability: Q2 2016

Denon DJ hasn’t had any turntables in their product lineup anytime recently – but their former parent brand of Denon consumer electronics has had hi-fi turntables available in the past.

According to Denon, the engineers at InMusic designed this new unit completely from the ground up, opting not to use the same Technics-style design that every super-OEM turntable on the market seems to use. It’s unique, with a controllable LED ring around the platter and a slightly different control layout than most DJ turntables (although there’s not much to change).

Is The VL12 Turntable Really Denon?

Despite some theories on the Serato forums that this is a Hanpin Super-OEM turntable (see their lineup here to try to find a model that matches), what we heard from Denon DJ themselves on the NAMM show floor is that it’s their own design, not another rebranded design. The engineers at InMusic built this new unit completely from the ground up, with “all Denon parts and designs.”

We didn’t get too many details on how Denon DJ’s VL12 performs as it was still under glass at their booth – so no hands-on testing – but we’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

The VL12 turntable under "glass" at the Denon DJ NAMM booth
The VL12 turntable under “glass” at the Denon DJ NAMM booth

DVS For Engine?

We’d like to assume that most of Denon DJ’s upcoming product releases will support their new Engine software that’s onboard the MCX-8000 (there’s photo inputs on that unit, but they only work in Serato now). So even though there was a Serato control record on the VL12 turntable at NAMM, we suspect that soon we’ll be seeing more news from Denon DJ in regards to DVS.

Have thoughts or questions about this Denon DJ VL12? Hit us up in the comments below. See all the NAMM updates here, or follow us on Twitter or Instagram for up-to-the-minute updates and unique insights. 

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