Rekordbox DVS In New 4.1 Edition of Rekordbox DJ

The brand new version of Rekordbox DJ, version 4.1, is being released today – and the big feature add is the DVS pack that we originally heard about back when the software was first announced. Keep reading to learn more about the new update and Rekordbox DVS.

With this new downloadable Rekordbox DVS pack, pricing is a bit strange – it’s included if you have a monthly subscription to Rekordbox ($9.90/month), or you can buy it outright for $99 if you already have a copy of Rekordbox DJ.

Rekordbox DVS: Absolute Or Relative

Just like other DVS systems, Pioneer is including two different mode of DVS in their new update:

  • Absolute Mode: Replicates the experience of scratching with traditional vinyl
  • Relative Mode: Access digital features such as Hot Cues and Sync, and scratch freely – regardless of where the needle is on the Control Vinyl. Plus you can use rekordbox MIDI Learn to assign features to your controller for even more flexibility.


Pioneer DJ is also selling Rekordbox DJ control vinyl for $15 ($30 for a pair) – you can’t bring your own vinyl control signals. They are making the WAV of the control signal available – so if you want to burn it to a CD and use it in an old CDJ or similar as a DVS control surface, that’s an option.

Additionally, the Pioneer DDJ-RZ (in the DJTT store here) controller now comes with a bundle that includes not only Rekordbox DJ, but also the DVS Pack as well. If you have already purchased an RZ and want to get a code, they’re issuing them for free here.

Now the real question becomes, when will we see turntables from Pioneer that have built-in ProLink or USB interfaces so that they can connect to the computer and send DVS signals without wiring RCA cables? PLX-2000, anyone? 

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