Routine: ENFERNO Takes DJing Higher with a #LiveRemix

Enferno is back with a new routine and this time he is taking DJing one step higher by introducing live remix elements along side traditional turntablism and new-age controllerism. With an arsenal of NI gear, Enferno takes Just Blaze and Bauuer’s track Higher to another level.

The routine begins with pitched down vocals and a mix between cueing samples with Maschine while cutting up the samples with two Technic 1200s and Traktor Scratch Pro 2. The sampling work is transitioned onto another Maschine where Enferno’s fingerdrumming skills help create the rhythm for the track. This seamless transition is followed by more cueing with more cutting. Enferno’s placement of gear and movements are synced with the progression of the track which builds up to his chord progression breakdown unto the Komplete Kontrol S49 where he uses Ableton Live 9 and Kontakt’s New York Concert Grand Piano patch to play his own chords until he brings it back with more turntablism and controllerism.

Enferno’s latest routine pushes boundaries rather than pushing “play” (as he states in his video description) with a live remixing element on top of his normal DJ routine. Whereas most DJs are playing in booths versus on stages, there is room for this live remixing element to be practiced by all DJs. Since most DJs are also producers to some caliber, a routine like Enferno’s shows what is creatively possible with an extra controller for sampling and a MIDI keyboard for playing a few notes. No need to be Beethoven to remix like Enferno.

Send us your routine and show the DJTT community how you remix live!

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