Coming Soon: Upload DJ Mixes On Spotify With Dubset’s MixBANK

Similar to the news we heard earlier in the year that Apple Music would start streaming mixes and bootlegs, today at IMS Ibiza Spotify has announced that they will be integrating Dubset’s MixBANK into their library, allowing user-generated DJ mixes to legally be streamed on the service.

Spotify + Dubset’s MixBANK

Details are pretty sparse so far, but the announcement from Dubset makes it clear that Spotify users will soon be able to legally stream DJ mixes, unofficial remixes and bootlegs of songs, and other mix-based content that isn’t normally allowed on streaming services because they’re created without proper licenses and rights.

You might recall that Apple Music also announced a similar agreement with Dubset/MixBANK earlier this year – but so far there aren’t any mixes available on that service. Apple is notoriously closed-lipped about new features, so it’s hard to say if and when that will be live.

The same situation is true for now with Spotify – we have no details on when the service will start allowing DJs to get their content distributed to their over 30 million worldwide users. The press release is optimistic –  Pat Shah, head of original content licensing at Spotify, noting:

“DJs have long been recognized as the greatest curators of music in the world. We look forward to working with Dubset and the biggest and best DJs in the world to continue to lead the industry by providing our consumers with the best content available in the market.”

We’ll update this article or post something new as we find out more about this Spotify / Dubset MixBANK partnership. 

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