Serato DJ 1.9.3 Beta: New Sampler and MIDI Mapping Interface

Serato should win the prize for “most often updated DJ software” – because they continue to keep rolling out new updates. Today, Serato DJ 1.9.3 went into public beta, incorporating a new sampler with additional slots, and an improved MIDI mapping interface. Read on for the details.

Serato DJ 1.9.3 Public Beta

Here’s the full changelog (currently) for this version of Serato DJ:

New Features

  • Update to Sampler (previously called SP-6), includes:
Serato DJ's new Sampler (formerly SP-6 - click to expand)
Serato DJ’s new Sampler (formerly called SP-6, now it has four banks of 8 slots)
  • New Sampler layout design for simple and extended views
  • 8 available sample slots per bank
  • Simple Sync available for Sampler slots
MIDI mapping interface
The new MIDI mapping panel (click to expand)

Other Changes

  • Updated MIDI mapping interface for easier visibility (see screenshot above with the new MIDI panel)
  • Keyboard shortcuts adjusted to included Sampler slots 7-8

Bug Fixes

  • Tracks not being marked as played correctly with Pioneer DJM-850
  • Potential kernel panic when toggling USB Insert FX on Rane TTM-57MkII
  • Potential audible pop or click after playing from cue point or temp cue
  • Pitch slider on master deck in sync controlling slave deck pitch when in sync and paused
  • Playhead position incorrect starting the software in REL, then switching to INT mode before pressing Play using motorized platters
  • Dragging iTunes files to the Serato DJ library takes a long time to import
  • Incorrect output lighting on Denon DJ MCX8000 parameter buttons while in Pitch Play performance pad mode
  • Potentially high CPU usage and audio distortion after track with Pitch ‘n Time DJ enabled passes the end of the track and pauses
  • WAV files potentially being corrupted after writing tags

The Serato DJ 1.9.3 Public Beta is available as a free download on the Serato forums. Simply agree to their terms and conditions and start trying it out!

Remember, this is a beta version of a DJ software, so don’t rely on it for your gigs. Only use personally well-tested updates when you’re playing out in public! 

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