Routine: OddKidOut on Maschine Jam

Today is an exciting day for button pushers as the Maschine Jam is officially available in stores. Earlier this month we reported on the new controller from Native Instruments and all that new things Maschine Jam brings to the table. This new controller combines a lot of elements of past controllers and OddKidOut highlights the new features in his routine:

Gear used in this video: 

  • Pads: Maschine Jam (Now shipping from the DJ TechTools Store)
  • Software: Maschine 2.5

In a matter of minutes, OddKidOut composes a track using only the Maschine Jam. The sequencing and performance capabilities allow OddKidOut to build up and break down a track in less than two minutes. He starts by using the Smart Strips to build a melody from which he drops a beat into a bass heavy verse. Throughout the entire performance, he switches between Step, Pad, and Piano Roll Mode to demonstrate the power in the controller. This routine shows that this controller is useful for sequencing, finger-drumming, and live instrumentation.

The Maschine Jam elaborates on the all-in-one mentality some producer’s had with Maschine which makes for an even more robust instrument. With the right amount of preparation and practice, producers can easily turn tracks into a full performance just using one controller. OddKidOut’s routine shows us a glimpse into what could be done on this new piece of hardware.

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