Maschine Jam: Hands-On Controller Walkthrough

Native Instruments’ music production line has taken a huge step with the introduction of their Maschine Jam controller. The Jam unlocks rapid song arrangement, step sequencing, unique instrument modes and much more. In today’s hands-on video, NI product specialist Brian Kullas demonstrates the core features of the new Maschine controller.

Maschine Jam Overview

The Maschine Jam is the natural evolution of Native Instruments’ beat production suite. The Maschine software has slowly been evolving from a simpler production tool to a more fully fledged DAW-style software. The Jam opens up the doors to many of the features that don’t work too intuitively with the 16-pad Maschine controllers. The some of the most powerful features (even more demonstrated in the above walk through video) include:

  • Step Sequencing: There are a few different modes here, but with the Jam you can quickly sequence a ton of sounds concurrently using the 8×8 matrix.
  • Smart Strips Notes Mode: Play chords or build your own set of notes to play using the strips as finger-strumming instruments. Set the key of the mode to match your song and stay in tune.
  • Lock Mode: Essentially a way to quickly snap back to a previous “state” of settings. This works with volume/mixer settings, but also individual instrument parameters. Hit LOCK to save a state, tweak and adjust the settings, and then hit LOCK again to jump back to how it was. This is great for improvisations and buildups.

Important to note, while it was not demonstrated in this video, the Jam has a powerful Ableton Live template. Many of the features of the Jam are compatible with Ableton.

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If you missed it, NI also released a new performance video on the Jam late last week (it was slightly overshadowed by the news about Traktor 2.11 coming out). Watch the routine below:

See the full set of features and grab your own Maschine Jam here in the DJTT store.

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