Maschine 2.5.5 gets Ableton Link Support

Maschine and Traktor now come with Ableton Link for simple, reliable syncing across multiple applications and devices. Check out this video demonstrating how to use Ableton Link with Maschine Jam and Traktor Kontrol S4 for spontaneous jamming, collaborative creation, and perfectly-timed performances.

Maschine Software gets Ableton Link

Why is this newsworthy you might ask? Syncing Maschine to Traktor has always been a fairly complex process which didn’t always work as expected. Maschine 2.5.5 turns it up a notch and finally adds Ableton Link support which makes pairing it with any other supported software (even iOS apps) just a 2-3 click process. You’ll still need to route audio externally but this is definitively a step in the right direction. It’s good to see that NI and others are catching up with the times so we can move away from the quite outdated MIDI Clock protocol.

We wrote this article listing what we’d like to see in Maschine back in 2015 and it’s good to know that at least two of them (Traktor’s sequencer being the second) have became a reality. With Link being an open environment and Serato supporting it you can finally use Maschine and Serato DJ tightly in sync (this was only possible before with SSL and Bridge).

Update Notes

  • Ableton Link support.
  • MST: Holding SHIFT on SCENE > ARRANGE Screen now displays DEL BANK.
  • MST: Visual feedback for focused areas is now improved.
  • MST: Double button placement on Arrange/Pattern page is now consistent with the placement on the Pattern page.
  • JAM: Changing the scale in piano roll now moves the rootnote-marker consistently.
  • Some older audio interfaces now work correctly again on Windows.
  • Notes being held by a modulated pedal MIDI CC are now turned off when playback is stopped.
  • Improved dialog for missing NKS plugins, now showing the missing product.
  • CTRL + A for selecting all sounds in the Mixer view is now working correctly.

This update is available now in the Native Access and Service Center apps along with NI’s website.

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