Serato DJ Pro Tips: How To Install Audio Drivers Before A Gig

We’re starting a brand new Serato DJ series focused around quick pro tips from real DJs. Today, Marc Santaromana shares a tip on how Serato users can install audio drivers before going to a venue. Learn why it’s so important and watch a quick video explanation inside.

Why Does Serato Even Have Drivers?

Serato has been one of the most popular DJ softwares for a long time. With the introduction of Serato DJ, they brought together DVS users with controller users. Combining Serato Scratch Live and Serato Itch allowed for more modern features, but this push forward wasn’t without growing pains. SSL users bragged about the ability to “plug and play” into any device with Scratch Live, but with Serato DJ this was no longer the case.

Unlike Scratch Live, Serato DJ asks DJs to install audio drivers when they plug in their computer instead of installing the drivers as part of the installation process. This can be problematic for DJs that show up to a gig and plug in a minute or two before the are supposed to get on, only to find out that they have to install something and restart their computer. By just taking a few minutes before a DJ leaves for a gig, DJs can have the plug and play experience that Scratch Live users loved.

Installing Serato DJ Audio Drivers On Mac

Installing all the Serato audio drivers on Mac can be done quite easily. Once you have Serato DJ installed you won’t need anything else. Follow these steps and you’ll be ready for any Serato hardware before you get to the gig:

  • Open the Applications folder
  • Locate the Serato DJ app
  • Right click or control click Serato DJ
  • Select “Show Package Contents”
  • Open the “Contents” folder
  • Open the “Resources” folder
  • Open the “Packages” folder
  • Install audio drivers

That’s it! Find the “hidden” folder and install the audio drivers for all the devices that you might use. Some drivers might require a restart so be aware and make sure you have enough time to complete that.

Installing Serato DJ Audio Drivers On PC

Installing the audio drivers on PC is more straightforward in some ways, but is also more of a chore. To download the PC drivers visit the following link and download the drivers from each manufacturer:

The drivers are not included like with the Mac version, but a quick visit to this support site and you can grab all the drivers that you might need.

If you use Serato DJ, I recommend taking the short amount of time before you head out for a gig to make sure that all the necessary drivers are installed. This reduces the chances of a huge hardware headache when you get to a venue. One last thing to worry about so you can focus more on the important part, DJing.

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