Soundpack Thursdays #1: Fall Back by Stoopit Fresh

We’re launching a new recurring series here at the request of many DJTT fans who have asked us to bring back the free performance soundpacks that we  offered. Soundpack Thursdays brings a new freely downloadable pack and a behind-the-pack video to show off how each one was made. To kick things off, producer Stoopit Fresh has put together the first pack, called “Fall Back”.

We’ll be doing these twice a month to start – but if you’re an experienced soundpack maker and want to get involved, send an email to editor(at)djtechtools(dot)com 

Download the “Fall Back” Ableton Live Pack

Fall Back Soundpack Video

How Was This Pack Made?

We asked the soundpack designer, Stoopit Fresh, to share a quick writeup on how he crafted the pack. Here’s what he has to say:

I started off with a couple of kick samples from the teenage engineering PO-32 Tonic. Tuning them to Bb that I could then use as the root.

Next, I sampled some noise bits of a radio, while turning the dial.

The snare was sampled from the SynthDrum Pads app, tweaked to my liking.

I plugged a gooseneck mic straight into a Behringer DJX700 mixer and tracked some sounds from a “Sound Machine” toy (they’re on Amazon) – through the mixers FX.

I set up some nice chords in the Instachord plugin and ran the MIDI to a instance of Xpand2 with my own preset.

I got the “Fall back!” sample from a video on YouTube and resampled it to my Roland VP-9000 – then played some notes while tweaking formant and time.

The riser was a sustained chord on the KORG R3 – then pitch-shifted in Live.

I sampled a vocal sample and some cuts from the Numark PT-01 Scratch with a Practice Yo Cuts record.

On the Zoom H4N recorder I sampled a flexatone and some claps, snaps and shakers in the hallway to get some natural reverb.

Soundpack Thursdays is a reoccurring series on DJTT. Here are handy links to previous packs:
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