Soundpack Thursdays #4: Kids Toys Pack by Stoopit Fresh

It’s been a month since our last fun, playable finger drumming soundpack. Time for pack number four of Soundpack Thursdays, a series of freely downloadable finger drumming performance packs and a How It’s Made video. Today’s soundpack, “Kids Toys Pack” is another clever one from Stoopit Fresh.

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Download the “Kids Toys” Ableton Pack + WAVs
*Please note, Ableton Live 10 is a requirement to use this pack!

Kids Toys Soundpack Video

How Was This Soundpack Made?

We love asking the creator to share a bit more about how they made their tracks – and here’s what Stoopit Fresh had to say:

All sounds in this pack was done from field recordings of a toy keyboard, flute, xylophone, shaker, bongos and some small plastic building blocks. I chopped, tuned and layered the sounds and added some processing – all the individual layers and fx’s are in the pack.

I made the flute and xylophone samples into sampler patches. I tuned the samples to a sine tone and left this tone in the mix to get a solid root tone. All the processing are in the patches for you to study and tweak. Then I played a couple of melody bits and chords and resampled these.

Soundpack Thursdays is a reoccurring series on DJTT. Here’s some links to previous packs:
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Check out more from Stoopit Fresh on his Soundcloud, website, or Instagram.

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