Traktor Pro 3.5: CDJ-3000 HID mode, Beatsource / Beatport LINK

We’ve known it was coming for a bit, but today the updated Traktor Pro 3.5 has released. The fresh version of Traktor Pro boasts two new features that are likely to be well-received: the new streaming library features for Traktor (via Beatport and Beatsource LINK) and advanced HID integration with Pioneer DJ’s flagship CDJ-3000 players.

CDJ-3000 HID Integration

One of the biggest complaints DJs have had with computer-based DJ software is the sometimes-lackluster HID integrations. Just because a CDJ works as a controller with a piece of software doesn’t always mean you get nice on-screen waveforms, browsing features, etc. But with this update to Traktor Pro 3.5, Native Instruments seems intent on making sure it’s not an issue. The Traktor team writes:

As with previous CDJ integrations, users will be able to access all of their tracks from TRAKTOR PRO via the CDJs’ browsing features. They can also control most of TRAKTOR’s performance functions directly from the CDJs. New extra-large displays on the CDJ-3000s make TRAKTOR’s waveforms crisper and more immersive. Cover artwork on the central jog display and larger bowser fonts make navigating large libraries easier. Harmonic mixing is now more intuitive, too, as dedicated display buttons on the CDJ-3000 link to Key Shift features in TRAKTOR. The new integration makes DJing on external decks feel more like playing within the TRAKTOR software itself.

This is precisely the type of highly-functional integration that DJs should expect from software developers – dedicated controls, high-res waveforms. The use case seems specifically targeted towards DJs who use Traktor and who play gigs where a full CDJ setup is present.

Beatsource/Beatport LINK streaming libraries

Nearly a decade ago, Pulselocker brought their streaming library offline drive feature to DJs. The library was somewhat limited, but the concept was there – DJs could download tracks from Pulselocker’s collection and play them in their DJ software without buying them. Yes, there was even support for Serato ITCH (remember that?), Scratch Live, Traktor, Virtual DJ, and others. Pulselocker shut down in 2017, but the technology was purchased by Beatport in 2018.

Streaming a track off the Breaks / Breakbeat top 100 in Traktor 3.5

Now, at last, streaming libraries are in Traktor Pro – via both Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK directly in the browser. DJs can download tracks and browse top genre releases and curated playlists directly inside of Traktor Pro 3. It’s the same functionality that we’ve seen on other platforms. Here’s how NI describes the integration:

The new update includes integration with Beatport and Beatsource LINK. With LINK, TRAKTOR users can expand their live DJ sets and set preparation by seamlessly exploring, tagging, and mixing new tracks with the music they already have in their collections.

Among other features, the new Beatport and Beatsource LINK access allows DJs to search the entire Beatport and Beatsource catalogues for their favourite artists, labels, or curated playlists. These search results can be sorted by release date or genre, allowing DJs to continuously explore new music.

Users will also have access to the full suite of Beatport and Beatsource LINK tools and functions, including the ability to search and play back full-length streams from either catalog within TRAKTOR PRO 3.

Want a more detailed walkthrough? NI tapped BEC to do a walkthrough explanation of the new functionality:

Traktor x Beatport LINK livestream

One more note, NI and Beatport are hosting a live stream with hour-long sets from a all types of DJs around the world starting June 30th at 8:00AM PST – and DJTT founder Ean Golden is on the lineup as well for a rare streaming set. Tune in at 8:00 PM PST on Wednesday for his set:

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