Algoriddim’s djay makes DVS on iPhone possible, integrates Neural Mix into their control vinyl

The djay software from Algoriddim has been on a strong kick this last decade, and this week, they’re announcing DVS support! That’s right, the app is finally getting full control via turntables using their own time code vinyl.

DVS support is hardly anything new on computers, but as far as I can recall, it’s only the third app to do it on iOS (edjing and DJ Player Pro both made forays into this area in 2016 and 2012 respectively)- and absolutely the one that’s most likely to have continued support and resources dedicated over time.

After a one minute recap of djay’s innovations over the last 16 years, DJ Angelo shares the news in this video and demonstrates the simplicity of the concept.

Worth noting, the free version of djay doesn’t include DVS support – you’ll have to upgrade to a subscription (ugh, we know, it’s all the rage these days) of $6.99/monthly or $49.99/annually. The app is available on macOS 10.14+ or iOS 12+.

Additionally, you’ll need an adapter to make this happen – depending on your iOS device of choice – details forthcoming on what the specs exactly needed here are.

dvs graphic

Special Neural Mix DVS timecode vinyl

Naturally, Algoriddim is releasing their own timecode vinyl to control the DVS functionality in djay. They’re worked with Japanese manufacturer STOKYO to print the control vinyl.

The innovation here on the vinyl is a special B-side pressing which has three tracks – original, instrumental, acapella – which correspond to timecode signals that activate specific settings in djay Pro AI’s Neural Mix (for those unfamiliar, that’s on-the-fly audio/stem separation). The end effect is designed to directly tap into vinyl DJs’ affinity for nostalgia: 12″ vinyl singles used to come in this exact format of original, instrumental, and acapella.

Would it be a DVS release without a routine performance video?

Of course not:

It’s NAMM week (yes, in June) and while we’re not headed there in person this year, we’re still excited to show off some of the things we’re getting a first look chance to see.

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