Resident Advisor Releases Top 100 DJs Poll Results

Everyone’s ready to show DJ Mag how irrelevant their Top 100 DJs list has become, and Resident Advisor’s list doesn’t disappoint. The overlap with DJ Mag’s top 100 is extremely minimal, and the list is a veritable who’s who of non-mainstream electronic DJs and producers. Link and a bit more discussion inside!

We’re really happy to see Resident Advisor take on this challenge. As we learned in our own Top 100 article published a few weeks ago, it’s not easy to shout a list of the most popular or best DJs from the rooftops without a bit of backlash.

We’ve listed their top 10 here with links to their RA profiles, but we encourage you to go to the full Resident Advisor Top 100 Results!

1. Jamie Jones
2. Seth Troxler
3. Richie Hawtin
4. Ricardo Villalobos
5. Maceo Plex
6. Art Department
7. Loco Dice
8. Dixon
9. Maya Jane Coles
10. Ben Klock

What We Like About This List!

This poll is pretty awesome for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the style in which they chose to conduct it. Instead of voting via an artist page or relying on the artists to activate their fans to vote for them, Resident Advisor allowed only their members to vote using a simple blank forum into which they could type any artist who they though deserved a vote for the top 100. Keeping it simple like this prevented massive influxes of votes as a result of pure popularity, instead relying on an informed audience to take a moment to consider their options.

DJs Who We’ve Never Heard Of

Much like going to your local college radio station and asking their staff who the best new indie rock bands are, keeping the electorate to purely pre-existing members of Resident Advisor ensured that the voters were invested in the results and the DJ scene in general.

We couldn’t be happier seeing names on this list who we’ve never heard of, or who we’ve only heard in passing- new DJ talent is appearing faster than ever, and we want to know who these people are and why they’re brushing shoulders with the likes of Richie Hawtin, John Digweed, and Sasha.

Full disclosure – I walked around the DJ TechTools office just now and asked all seven of us here if they’ve heard of the #1 DJ, Jamie Jones. Despite playing a set every other day this year and having some awesome tracks, this was the first we’d heard of him.

DJ Duos Who Kill It

Let’s be honest – we’ve all seen videos of Swedish House Mafia DJing. They’re focused on amping up the crowd, and with most of their production having been done prior to the events, there’s not a lot going on in an average set.

Doesn’t seem to be quite the same case with the DJ Duos on the Resident Advisor Top 100 – especially in the cases of #6 – Art Department#14 – Soul Clap, and #15 – Tale of Us. Check out their RA pages to see and hear how hard they throw down.

Women Rock

We’re not happy to note the absolute absence of women in both the official DJ Mag Top 100 and our DJTT Top 100, and Hanna Hanra’s October article in the Guardian was a pretty scathing review of the boy’s club that the DJ Mag list has become. Refreshingly, the Resident Advisor poll has 7 women DJs, including Maya Jane Coles coming in at position #9 and Magda at position #23! Awesome.

What do you think, how good is the Resident Advisor Top 100 list? Any major wins or fails? Isn’t it nice to have a list that’s not about popularity? 

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  • Dillinger23

    decrescendo’s a word now is it? 😉 (rofl)

    I’ve loved and still love this site for many years now, but with the greatest respect to my cousins across the pond, I’m not surprised they haven’t heard of many of the DJs the rest of the world listens to. Remember, what the rest of the world calls ‘football’, the US calls soccer. The US treads its own path down many roads, music being just one of them. EDM (f***ing hate that acronym) is only hitting the US mainstream now properly, but electronic music is arguably ancient and anachronistic is Europe and other parts of the world. But of course the US is still the birthplace of much of electronic music. I still remember awesome nights in ‘Tunnel Club’ & ‘Twilos’ in NYC in the early 90s full of freaks and party animals.

  • Roksz

    Ay yeah, so no gurls in there? I counted 6 women in the RA list. Just saying.

  • Rex Sundstrom

    Sure this isn’t just a list of favorite house Djs?… (judged by top ten only)

  • Anonymous

    It’s weird how people express themselves as fanatics and not as realistic. All that boohhwahahah!! about DJTT not knowing Jamie Jones is all of you guys ignoring reality. The reality is Jamie Jones is only big in U.K. and some other places in the world. Come to America and ask most people in the underground scene who Jamie Jones is and they’ll ask you: WHO?. It’s the same if I ask you, do you know Payroll, Acevendo, Steve Tek, NY Code? huhhhh, most likely not.  Even some DJs who already playing big room venues, gracing magazine covers and touring, still are unknown for some. Great example is Loco Dice, the dude is huge underground but there are still some folks who doesn’t know who he is, YES, believe that.
    Your disappointment relates to your fanaticism, your liking for that particular DJ, whom you feel that everybody should have known, not the reality of the DJ world.
    And, like someone else noted, this DJTechTools where most of the articles are focus on the technology behind the DJs, not necessarily tracking DJs themselves. So, it doesn’t bother a bit that they don’t know a particular DJ who’s hot in a particular market in a particular part of the world. Much ado about nothing. 


    Love RA!!

  • BPSS

    Definitely a list for the tech house heads. I’ve heard of only about 10 or 15 of the 100, only Hawtin out of the top 10. And save for Claude Von Stroke, whom I’d found out about only because of music production magazines & Four Tet who I know of b/c of the glitch scene, the rest of the names are only familiar because they were around back 15 years ago when I was first going to raves. All are pioneers & top notch DJs to be certain but only 3 of them might appear in my own top 100…. I mean, where is the top 100 that takes ALL genres into account? And by all I literally mean Moombahton, Dubstep, D&B, GlitchHop, Digital Cumbia, Breakbeat, Breakcore, Techno, House, Minimal, Gabber, Industrial, IDM, Noise, Mash Up etc….   So far the most comprehensive & inclusive one I’ve seen was the DJTT list but still it wasn’t mine & no one will ever fully agree with any list but their own..

  • Marcus Klay

    You guys should chill a little bit. The name of this site and the whole team is DJ Tech Tools. Tech tools. Which means that I, and I think most of the people, come here to find out something about new equipment and some stuff around that.

    I don´t come here to find out which DJ is good or popular or whatever. I know that myself, but not due to this site, but through searching for new tracks to buy on Beatport, browsing through charts, homepages, blogs and radio shows. I would be as shocked as you are if the guys wouldn´t know what an S4 or a DJM-600 is.

    And the team is based in the US which means that its not the same scene as in Europe for example. I´m sure they´ll know way more than me (based in Austria) about the American or South American scene than I do. But I would support the idea that the team should interact with Europe a little more. They would need a man with knowledge over here thou. But for examples interviews from time to time with some of the European DJs would be a good addition.

  • Sebastian Gonzato

    Reading the comments, I’ve seen a lot of criticism of DJTT for not knowing underground techno/house DJ’s. So? Many of the people who find it impossible to believe that no-one at DJTT knew Jaimie Jones probably have no idea who Bop, Unquote, Stray or Joe Syntax are (Minimal DnB artists signed to Medschool). For that matter, you probably don’t know who Ventian Snares, Krumble or Droon are (breakcore artists). You people would be well to remeber that yours is not the only underground scene.

  • Jimsimp59

    Some people take these polls way to seriously. My favorite djs are never in the top 100 in any poll and it wont stop me from going to their party. There are alot of great djs on here and many who are left out in my opinion but that’s my opinion. Djing is a popularity contest mostly anyway and I would rather stay home and play my self for a few friends than go out to a club and see someone who is only playing because they have alot of friends that come. Its all about the money not the music these days.

  • Futureglue Musik

    Yet another Jamie Jones comment… at least you’re honest.

    Stop listening to dubstep and expand your horizons a bit.

  • Adam Mork

    Ive been using RA for years, actually just started selling tickets to my events through them. 

    Its a great network for sure but RA has the biggest pull with the deep/tech/prog/house crew. As evidenced by their top 100. Lots of good artist on their, but I wouldnt run around touting it as a top 100 djs in the world list. id say its more like a top 100 list for music in the bpm range 110-130. (which is not moombah/electro)

  • jimmymac

    Thumbs up to see Jamie Jones topping the list, his DJ sets are something else and his remix of Azari & III’s Hungry for the Power was easily the best underground house tune of 2011 for he is a traktor user!

  • Ian Barbosa

    For me, Dj Mag poll is all about money, probably the very well paid dj’s these days. A lot of cheesy for the masses in some cases. I have to respect that and just run way from it if I don’t like it. And I don’t!

    On the other hand, yet feeling the lack of some dj’s like popov, umek and a few others I see RA poll as all about quality.
    Also a lot of tech/tribal house and techno dj’s elected and that’s very cool for me. 🙂

  • Rolf Siebelink

    Overall “Top DJ” lists are a complete waist of time, people like different DJ’s because they like different genres/styles. Besides that, there are no 100% objective criteria to determine what makes a DJ “best”.  

    “Most popular DJ within genre/style X” would make more sense.

    • Darichard1

      Alright so we got thebest deep/tech/prog/house dj poll, and the best mainstream producer/dj poll. Now somebodys gotta do the best hip hop scratch dj poll.

  • Luisreyesdj

    You guys can keep your cheesy-electro and “new” dubstep . I’m ready to rock some Maceo Plex. Maya Jane Coles and Solomun tracks this weekend

  • Staceycassyhart

    Very skewed towards the deeper tech end of house music – not too everyones taste…Tiesto fans would indeed nod off.. Where is 1000 Cutts?

  • Luisreyesdj

    Love it !!! I still think top 100 list are irrelevant to me but it is great to see a lot of my favs artists getting the recognition they deserve.

  • Nephew

    As much as I am shocked to hear that you guys haven’t heard Jaime Jones and the lot, I can’t say I’m that surprised to be honest. Based on everything I see on this site, from the articles, guides, video’s and so on it would seem that you have nothing vested in the underground house/techno scene. That’s not your target market at all.

    With that being said, I was shocked to see this posted on here. RA has been talking up all those guys over the years so if you visited the site at all you would have seen their names and read the articles. So how in the world did you guys even come across this and decide to post it with out even knowing about it?

  • jurp84

    Why did you delete my comment??? I see you guys are not very professional. You should assume the consequences of you article being public. 

  • Rod_zero

    Obviously RA is in to techno and house mostly, so if you dont like those genres, bad for you.

    One thing I like this list is that there are actual dj’s in it, no fake live acts, this guys can rock parties for 5 hours. 

  • jurp

    I just can’t take the amount of ignorance in this article. I CAN NOT understand why you guys do not know who is Jamie Jones. The only reason I can find this possible is because you guys  just focus on what everybody  listens to, what you can listen on the radio and do the feast bump. This is just Sad!!!

    • Sebastian

      Do you know who DJ Pulse is? Unquote? Bop? Break? Venetian Snares? Luca Bazz? Everybody has their underground scene, some that you might not even know about.

  • Mattmangrease

    No Boys Noize, no respect.

  • M Gonzalez

    This list is horrible sorry to say, no offence to the #1 dj but every beat he has sounds flat and repetitive. If you someone a tad underground search up Gianni Marino on soundclound, this man is fire and he’s a shoe maker type of producer he is good with anything. just a taste.

    • Nephew

      These guys aren’t being rated on their productions, but by what they do as DJs

  • owen

    Lads how could you not know who Jamie Jones is? I am shocked. I can say without a doubt he is one of the best DJ’s I have ever seen. I have seen him 3 times since last May and every time he blows the roof off and I am sure he will do the same on Saturday night when I see him again. His productions are top notch, he plays a sick amount of gigs and he manages to look calm cool and collected while he is doing it. He is a machine, and he has brought allot of girls to the party which is always nice.
    I would not rate Seth as high, his mixing skills are not up to scratch but his productions are next level. It’s a tough call.
    Also Maceo Plex is also an animal! I could see him being number 1 next year.

    I think the DJ Techtools staff need some much deserved down time. Maybe a nice little staff party next time Jamie and Seth are in town? I think so!

  • 3IJ

    Cool article, but IMO much of popular techno and house is the “emperor’s new clothes”. RA’s list proves that.

  • Jukebox

    Never heard of Jamie Jones? Maceo Plex? By the sounds of it the DJtechtools office needs a bit of tech infused groove injected into it ha 🙂

    • Dan White

      We’ve been too busy making awesome DJ gear! Please send us your best mixes in the mail ATTN: Music Knowledge Development Project, DJ TechTools, 360 Langton St #200, San Francisco, CA 94103.

    • Jaysonmongan

      Couldn’t agree more! Not sure what the deal is and how they could NOT have heard of Jamie Jones or anyone else on the top 10 at least

  • Yyuo

    why are n°14 ducking or something?

  • Crew94

    Now i don’t know why am I reading a forum where the guys behind it have never heard of Jamie Jones or Maceo Plex or Seth Troxler. This is the real deal, real electronic music parties. This is undergorund raves all over the world south america, europe, chicago, these are the guys that continue doing and try to bring back what house music is. Music that was played back at the warehouse in chicago, were HOUSE music was born. Definetely a great year by Jamie Jones and I’m glad he’s first. Hope to see him soon at the Rebel Rave in Peru

    • jprime

        Not everyone drops their pants for house/techno.   Straight up.

      • Crew94

        If the worlds largest electronic music magazine names these guys the best DJs in the world, you should at least have heard of them at some point, specially if you’re running a website for DJs. And they arent just house or techno DJs, listen to their sets and you’ll find hip hop, indie dance, deep house, underground pop and live performances.

    • BPSS

      Yeah cuz real-deal electronic music parties have only one stage & one headliner, right? I came up in the 90s Chicago rave scene sir & the music for douchebag Ed Hardy clad clubgoers that passes for the house music of today is a way different animal than what was played at The Warehouse. Props to guys like Richie Hawtin & Claude Von Stroke, but don’t get it twisted, a four on the floor groove ain’t for everyone. I myself can’t handle hour upon hour of 100-140BPM 1/8th note Roland kick drums anymore without serious drugs but give me any other groove with a snare thrown in liberally & I’m good. The point is, there’s no point in taking offense to the fact that the DJTT staff haven’t heard of Jamie Jones. As a former listener of WBMX fm & presently having Jesse Saunder’s # in my cell, I’ve never heard of him because I’ve no emotional involvement in the up to the minute goings on of the house scene. I hear what’s good & seek it out. Having seen the video that was linked below, I’m really not impressed with the footage of people sort of dancing but trying real hard to look cool. He seems like he’s playing his heart out & the house is packed but honestly it looks more to me like a tent full of people trying to get laid than a crowd really jackin’…..

      • Crew94

        Well the rebel rave parties, the visionquest parties, and all these label parties or even every single rave here in peru  doesnt have just one headliner or one stage. You can check out the lineups and the least you’ll find is one headliner and 2 or 3 warm ups and different areas. And soul clap’s sets or art department’s sets are not pure 118-128bpm music played for an hour. Soul Clap for examaple is exactly the opposite, and what I meant with the warehouse is that at first there wasnt actually a genre called house or disco for example, it all gets classifeid like that for what at some point in history, DJ’s used to play at discos or at the warehouse parties, which are held all over the world no only at exaclty THE WAREHOUSE in chicago. These guys are trying to do the same they did back then, and the ranking is based on that, how they dj, what they deliver, how they create a mood and if people like it or not, not on how much fans they got on fb to vote for them or how much money they make from producing songs with rihanna and usher. I like those songs and I also like some tech house, some dubstep and drum and bass, but you can’t compare a a dj which travels all over the world playing viniyl cd and digital releases with a dj that just plays dubstep on ableton which already syncs everything for you. This guys have a lot of shows going on, they have labels, produce albums and are popular ALL OVER THE WORLD in their respective underground scenes, they go and play all over the world and I don’t see people like skrillex for example doing that here in south america. never even had a show.

  • FlatSpin

    This cant be serious, after listening to songs on all the pages of the “top ten” dj’s if i was at a party any of these guys were playing i would leave. or fall asleep. Whichever came first.

    • Grant Bushkuhl

      agreed, just the other day listened to a set by Seth Troxler on, and his set is to say the least, was very flat, no emotion, no crescendo, decrescendo, just not very lively ..

      • This

        lol. i bet you listen to electro.


        • Grant Bushkuhl

          No not at all actually, mostly House, Tech-house, Minimal, and Techno…


          • Andreesaragih29


      • owen

        Seth is a party animal and his sets have been known to suffer, He was easily the messiest person in DC10 when I saw him last August. I saw him again in September going back to back with Jamie Jones and he was killing it.

    • 3IJ


      this is music for hipsters who like to pretend that nothing is something

      • This

        another stupid electro fan ^

        u mad bro?

        • 3IJ

          denial is a funny thing

        • Benficafan-9

          don’t even bother man just another uneducated idiot if anything you would be the hipster listening to the cheese electro & dubstep while dressing in neon colors to go to a show & wearing the same ray-bans….open ur mind and listen to some music

      • Gabriela

        hauhauhauahuaha OK

    • Nephew

      Again, these guys aren’t being rated by their productions, unlike some other poll out there, but are being rated by what they do when they DJ.

    • fruta

      Well, If you fall asleep in a party like this: definitely something is wrong with you

      • FlatSpin

        I don’t know how you choose to party. But yeah that’s quite boring personally.

        • owen

          I will admit I was at that party. Faversham May bank holiday Leeds. One of the best sets I have ever seen. But yes there was allot of “trendy” people there because its cool to listen to house music in the sunshine or whatever, and the bouncers were just plain rude. Regardless a party is only as good as you make it and me and my mates had the best fun. This Leeds crowd had a bit more energy last october 

  • Anonymous

    it’s good that you’re straight up about not having heard of Jamie Jones, but i find that really surprising. 

  • Brandedtravesty

    this lost couldnt be worse, how is richie hawtin in the top 3, he has to be the worst F*C*in DJ ive ever seen

    • Anon

      U mad bro? But seriously worst dj you’ve ever seen?! Dare I ask whose the best you’ve seen? lol

    • Andreesaragih29

      U must be from another planet or something…=p