Midi Fighter 3D Released into the Wild

Today we’re proud to announce the long-awaited release of our tri-dimensional controller, the Midi Fighter 3D. The first run of the devices have shown up to DJTT headquarters, and are on sale now. We couldn’t be happier with how they’ve turned out and are excited to put them in the hands of incredible DJs and producers around the world – like yourself! Read on for extended details on the controller’s launch.


The Video above is the first known documentation of a 3D in it’s natural wild habitat.  Bandesnacci, who won an early 3d in our last Ableton pack contest., expertly chopps up Korn after only a few days with the unit.


Product:  Midi Fighter 3D
: DJ TechTools
Price: $249.99
Availibility: Now Shipping
Official Mappings: Traktor 2.1+, Ableton 7+
Key Features: Five degrees of motion control and RGB LED backlit arcade buttons
Software Compatibility: Any MIDI-controllable software
Ships With:
Midi Fighter 3D, High-quality USB Cable, Certificate Of Authenticity
Where Can I buy it? *Grab one in the Dj TT online store*


We got a lot of feedback that our launch video was impressive but did not really explain what the unit can do. In this video Ean walks us through the controls and how they work.


Dj TechTools has created a professional utility that makes it really easy to customize the 3D and all other Midi  Fighters. To download it just click here.


Setting up accessory controllers like the Midi Fighter in Traktor along side other devices can be tricky to set up. In this video Ean shows the proper way to combine multiple mappings and how to map the 3D.


Big thanks everyone who made this launch happen – the amount of people who have contributed to this project over the past year and a half  is not a small list. To our design teams, our testers, our programmers, our consultants and contractors, to all of the DJTT staff past and present, and of course to you, our friends and fans – thank you. We couldn’t have made it possible without your help.

*The Midi Fighter 3D is available now.

But don’t forget about the MF3D’s tried-and-true predecessors: the Midi Fighter Classic and Midi Fighter Pro!

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  • TTG

    Serato mappings coming?

    • TTG

      Duh dumbass

  • soloq

    The mapping provided for traktor does not let you use Deck B at all. I’mnot sure about C or D as I dont use them,. but cue/play/fx only work on Deck A and I have no freaking clue how to fix this ginormous mapping to fix that when its made for “focus”

  • Macveen

    Very satisfied with this product!!! Great work djtt

  • Dubyabee2

    Just received!! Thank you Ian and the whole team, excellent work…Unlocks tactile performance that I cannot get out of any other piece of equipment without getting land locked to the Rig! Awesome. I cannot wait to hand this to an innocent bystander in a club allowing them to bounce the bass lines as I play…

  • Djjamesho

    Do you guys ship to Taiwan? if so how much you think it would cost?

  • Seville Lilly

    This is a really clever solution to the too-many-buttons issue in digital DJing. Using shift keys to access multiple functions for the same button, knob or slider in an already complicated MIDI setup just isn’t cutting it for most DJs (me included). To me, most of the knobs and sliders on hardware controllers are too small, too flimsy and travel too loosely compared to the knobs and faders on audio mixers. But the solution isn’t more knobs. There’s too many shift-modifier combos to remember in the heat of performance as it is. And shift modifiers tie up both of your hands. This thing looks like it could be a one-handed shift modifier. Instead of assigning just 4 CCs to each side, you could assign several of the buttons as shift keys, THEN grab an edge with the rest of your hand and tilt it to control a maximum of 64 parameters. (But when you let go of the button (or toggle it back to “off”) and set it back down on its feet, can you map it to disregard the motion control after you let go/ toggle it off?) As a Traktor user, I can see this possibly coming in very handy for effects. I just don’t like the FX controls on any of NI’s hardware controllers. With this thing I could (for instance) possibly map a bunch of individual effects to one button each (instead of shift-scrolling through Traktor’s effects, god i hate that mapping!), then tilt it this way or that to control the selected effect’s parameters. Tilting diagonally could let you move two parameters (or two effect wet/dry %s!) up and down. The less true your diagonal, the more or less you get of each parameter, in an inverse relationship. I don’t quite get all the complaints about waving it around. From the video it looks like 0-127 CC is 0 to 90 degrees. So you can leave it on a tabletop and tilt it on each of its sides, you don’t have to pick it up or wear it. It looks like about the same economy of motion as scratching. Getting just the right diagonal angle to mix two CC’s together might actually be easier if the corner you’re tilting towards stays on the table while you palm the opposite corner from underneath and, say, influence the angle using your fingers along or under one side. Waving it around would probably change the CC too dramatically and unpredictably to be useful. That said, I hope they’ve anticipated tabletop 3D use so that it’s robust enough to drop it back on its feet repeatedly from a tilt when you’re done, you know, tilting? I guess you could cut out a foam pad to set it on or something. Also I hope the feet are tall enough to easily get a quick grip underneath with your free fingers. The rotate feature seems a bit impractical at this point. Too bad, because I’m guessing rotating is the only practical way this controller can change endless-encoder type stuff. But it looks like you can’t really rotate this thing more than 360 degrees even if it were on a turning table mount, because of the USB cable. What would be REALLY cool is if a third party built some sort of gyroscope mount to put this thing in, so it would physically stay at the tilted position when you took your hand off of it, for example. A mount like that might also allow you to rotate it easily. Might even address the USB issue too, if there was a female-to-female USB port in the mount to mediate between the controller USB port and your computer. (I think the USB issue will go away in a couple years; low-latency wireless USB can’t be far off. In the meantime, would it make any sense to give you the option to thether it wirelessly to a 4G iPad as an intermediary between the controller and your computer? I don’t know how robust iPad’s wireless is for stuff like that.)  Based on just the video this looks to me like an intuitive, tactile approach and a great first step (as far as i know) in 3D MIDI control. Think of all the continuous parameters a digital DJ could control with this thing: channel volumes, crossfade, master tempo, trim/ gain, effect wet/dry and parameters, key signature… the list goes on. And what kind of new SCRATCHING can we come up with by scratching TWO parameters at an angle, and not just the 2D back-and-forth of a scratch, with one hand? This could be a really intriguing way to start bringing in the hands-on feel of turntablism that’s missing from digital DJing.

  • Ean Golden

    This controller is definitely not going to be for everyone – but then nothing really cutting edge appealed to everyone in the first place, that would make it main stream, which is not us. Personally I get excited when there is a lot of “oh that would never work”.. it’s a sign we might be onto something.

    people said the same thing about the dj controllers in 2003

    and the vci-100 in 2007
    and the dicer
    and the CDJ
    and traktor
    and the midi fighter
    and the s4
    and DVS

    should I go on?

    • Dur

      To be fair, its also a sign it will go the way of the dinosaur like so many things before you.. Technics CDJ to over take pioneer 1k line flop, Stanton Touch strips cutting edge flop… half the controllers ever made end up in the “o yeah i remember those lol funny” category. Only time will tell, but you knew that before you wrote yet another passive aggressive stab at everyone who doesnt agree with you. should i go on?

  • M.P.

    From the concept perspective. It should be wireless (WI-FI or bluetooth) and with battery (and charger). With on-off switch on the side. Now imagine that in action! 🙂

    • D-li$h

      Well, then buy one and mod it yourself and show everyone how ingenious you are with your bluetooth MF3D and battery pack. 

  • DJ Froto

    You mean keeps the cable from popping out.

  • Zeke

    do want

  • Grant Reynolds

    while i love the look, layout and button lighting of the 3D i just dont see much use for the movement sensors..  i would feel like a complete retard waving about a square box in front of everyone. I get the visual performance aspect or idea of it.. but waving a square box around looks weird.    

    • D-li$h

      Just like guitarists look like retards waving their guitar around! Or drummers waving their sticks around. Or trumpet players waving their trumpet around. Etc…

      Maybe you’re just a boring DJ….

    • guywithknife

       I’ve had one for a week now (I’m one of those contractors mentioned at the end of the post) and was playing with the Ableton mapping and have to say the motion is really really cool for live performances. I find it much more intuitive for expressing things like pitch or effect parameters than knobs or faders and much more musician-like for live performance. Not sure how good it is for djing, but maybe its similar. Also the motion is surprisingly smooth and accurate – I’d say even more so than a wiimote even.

  • Ben Cryder

    Such a sweet little piece of kit.  I’ve got my hands full with the mixer tables and X1 but if you can incorporate this more power to ya.  LMAO at people dissing it because they can’t figure out a good use for it, that’s like saying an F-22 sucks because you don’t know how to fly it…

    • MrMeloD

      Good try, but no. It’s nothing like that lmao

  • Drhiggens

    So I was excited about the release, though I would have loved to order a white one to match the djm & cdjs. Really excited to have this around to control ableton. But I do have 1 question can I change the color of he led with a midi message from m4l? If you can’t now I’m sure ou could tweak the firmware to accommodate this. That would be great down he road.

    • guywithknife

      Yes, you can – you can set the colours by sending midi notes (the note is used to select the button, the velocity is used to set the colour – Midifidler posted about this in the forums, but I’m sure more documentation will be made available in time). You can always PM me in the forums for more info.

  • Quine

    I bought one as soon as it came out and I can’t wait for it to arrive. Having that many parameters to control at once with one device creates incredible expressive opportunities.
    I agree with justwatched that it would be great to see some of the mappings you guys have created for it already, and how you plan to use it in your performances.

    I also followed scamo’s link and saw that NI doesn’t plan to make the ‘remix’ decks accessible via midi, which is just plain stupid. If they’re really going to pull that kind of crap, then I will have to consider switching over to Ableton.Why are there are so many trolls in the comments? If you don’t like it, don’t buy it and go troll somewhere else.

  • Floprelease

    Hey Ean –
    how many mistreated chinese corporate slaves does it take to assemble a MF3D?

    • AJ

      about half as many as the ones needed to make the shoes you’re wearing.

  • Blaino de Maino

    damn the much-awaited midi fighter 3D out in store im sure its debut sales was record breaking blaino de maino

  • Kris O'shaughnessy

    I really want to get this, but the only reason I want this one over the regular, is that you can assign and change the color of the buttons.

    This means if you get your midi fighter with different colors for different area’s, it won’t be confusing when you change mappings

    Could you put the color assignable buttons on the regular one?


      You can buy MF’s in the store and put the color assignable buttons on them. I don’t know if the utility works with them, but the option is there.

  • Dre Taylor

    i can see alot of people arent down for this yet . smh . its sad because once someone makes a killer video using the MF3D everybody is gonna ride the meat . well i think its a killer idea and only thing stopping me from buying it is bills lol

    • M.P.

      Exactly. Saying that you will look stupid is same as few years back saying it will look stupid to DJ with laptop. Giro is great idea. Price is good as well. Only gripe is Made in China thing but I guess everything now is made there so we have to learn to live with that anyway. 

      • Dre Taylor

        yeah i think we’ll have to lol chinese are gunna take over soon lol . but to say you cant do this or that is bullshit like lopazz said in the novation twitch video where he brought it along for djing at clubs . the future is controllers i think . screw it embrace the future 

  • Anonymous

    Just watched the “How to map the MF3D” video and now I know….

    1. NI’s “it isn’t possible to do the Mix Deck functionality over midi” is very, very questionable.

    2. The emergence of the MF3D and the F1 most likely does mean a parting of ways between NI and Ean. What a shame…..


    • Mike Leviten

      um ean helped design the f1 and always gives NI tips with new controllers. He’s worked with Vestax and NI on a lot of their controllers and Ean always gets to test out the hardware before anyone else so he must be tied strongly with NI and many other companies. Ean Golden created the midi fighter because he wanted to go above and beyond with crazy mappings that can easily be programmed to a controller rather than being restricted by firmware/hardware restrictions. This isnt a scam. I bought the vci 100 se which has added SO much functionality and makes my sets sound and flow better. I cant imagine what this controller would be like in my set. The F1 is something of its own and has its own advantages but the midifighter 3d can be programed to do the same thing… just think about how much modification you can do with 6 shift registers and 4 different modes. 

      • Anonymous

        He may have helped with the F1. But I have a really sad feeling it is the last project he will have helped with, because I bet Ean also created the MF3D with the intention of it also working well with the Mix Decks and NI closed that door in his face. I might be concluding too much, but the two products do seem awfully “comparable”. Although I do see NI’s F1 the overall better tool for their Mix Decks and why I also thing there is absolutely no reason to not put the necessary midi commands in the Controller Manager to run the sample slots in the Mix Decks so the MF3D can control them.

        I’ve asked NI support to explain what problems there are. Maybe it is just a big misunderstanding too. But this post is pretty clear.



        • Hedgehog

          The necessary midi-commands aren’t missing because NI wanted to rule out other controllers. It’s by design.

          • Anonymous

            Then it is a crappy design and goes totally against what NI had built up to begin with.


          • guywithknife

            You’re right, it’s by design that they rule out other controllers.

    • Ean Golden

       Don’t count us out yet – creativity is a powerful device 😉  we will rule those remix decks yet.

  • lolgesticulations

    “A BOX! A WARRANTY! STICKERS!” Wow the vid at the bottom’s author couldn’t sound more like a DJTT sycophant if he tried. More hype for a product that looks vastly impractical and inconsistent. Especially at $280 with shipping, I’ll be passing on this novelty.

    • Oshi

      Gear is an impulse buy now apparently

      and remember

       *Grab one in the Dj TT store while you still can …they are going fast. lol

  • Anonymous

    The MF3D could have been so cool with the new Traktor Mix Decks. Too bad it aint going to happen with NI’s decision to make the Mix Deck functions not part of the midi controls available in the Controller Manager.:(

    I wonder if this is why we also haven’t seen Ean making an F1 video. He could have probably made one ten times better than moldover. Hahahaha!


    • RockingClub

      “Too bad it aint going to happen with NI’s decision to make the Mix Deck
      functions not part of the midi controls available in the Controller
      Is this really true? Are you sure? Would be real sh**!

        • Tragik11

          NI you are full of shit! What a disapointment

      • Renaldo

        not really, just get an f1 like im planning on doing, to control the remix decks and get a mf3d like im gonna do tom to control effects, hopefully djtt release a 3d mapping like the instant gratification with super combos :D…so i can pair that all up with my S4 and let my midi fighter classic get some much needed rest

  • Oshi

     dont really see this being big with turntablists at all, lemme wave my
    hands around my tonearms and laptop stand and hope for the best day in
    and day out, nah… scratching > waving your arms

    • Dre Taylor


      • DuBanDit

         Not a truer word said Dre, Thats why Turntablists are combining Controllers. This is TECHTools not, analogue helpline. Whats easier, pressing a button to bring up a cue, or searching on your analogue (still talent, but not as convenient). Move forward or become stale.

        • Oshi

          Rage on children, I have flights to book.

  • Shehd

     if you want my money lets see a serato bridge mapping or .als or something for it.. sorry not happening otherwise. You guys want to be so “cutting edge” but ignore a legit market. 

      • Shehd

         thats your opinion lunchbox – Traktor isn’t an standard, And you saying that that a little light up midi controller is going to kill the weapon of choice of a vast amount of pro’s?? thats ignorant as hell. Im not sure why your trying to posterboy NI, they don’t make anything edible.

  • stas

    As another person commented, I think we need a demo video with Serato on possibilities before we buy. I

  • justwatchedhumancentipede2

    Can y’all show a demonstration on what the mapping has to offer using traktor with this?

  • Guerrilla_Warfare

    damn I would kill for a trade in option

  • Djf0tif0

    good stuff but that usb wire needs to go

    • Spacecamp

      coming VERY SOON. 

      Like, in a day. or two. 

      • Christopher Crayon White

        Sweet.  Cause I really want to see how it can potentially be used for FX then I will have my rig completed

      • Tragik11

        No traktor mf3d mapping yet on maps.djtech…. only zacks ableton map. I guess it will be adden soon?

  • Misterfaust

    What about Serato? Will the 3D effects work with it or is it all traktor and ableton?

    • nxtonic

      oops, sorry for the double post, disqus had a hissy fit 😛

    • nxtonic

      I don’t know Serato, but if it supports generic midi input then, yes, all of it will work 🙂

      • Misterfaust

        Yea it does I’m just wondering if the 3D part of it is a traktor or ableton exclusive. So pumped to rock this piece of kit if it works for Serato