How I Play: Myagi

DJ and Producer Myagi stopped by our office the other week, and when we saw that he was using a unique modular setup with Ableton, we couldn’t resist getting him to show us the different elements that make up his DJ rig. He’s also releasing an album in a format that allows users to remix it  on Meta.DJ, an iPad DJ app that was released last year.

To learn more about Myagi, visit his website or check out his music on Beatport.

Some of the cool stuff that Myagi uses:

  • Ill Gates’s DJ template for Ableton Live – if you’re looking for a great template for Live, Ill Gates has been developing his for the past few years – it’s one of the best we’ve found out there. The template comes with premapped versions for the M-Audio Trigger Finger, Akai’s MPD32/MPD24/APC40, and the iPad.
  • We covered Meta.DJ when it was first released late last year, but they’ve added quite a few new features since the initial release (some of it based directly on the feedback they received here on DJTT!).
  • The Korg Monotron series are small synths that can fit pretty well into any live or production setup, much in the same way that the Kaossilators can be used.

Who would you like to see us do a How I Play segment with? Leave a note in the comment section below. 

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  • Holse

    The idea of using the iPad with MetaDJ is pretty powerful. Any clue anyone how the audio signal from the iPad makes it to the Master out? I have seen iPads used as midi-controller, eg. with TouchOSC, also connected via iRig like in the video. But how do you incorporate the iPad as a separate sound source that acts in sync?

  • Rama

    please! do “HOY I PLAY” with Guti! he is awesome,  his live set’s are incredible, and I think it would be great to see how does he make it. This section is great, because every dj who use Ableton, or do Live act, everyone is so different.

    You could also make this with Loco Dice or anyone who use technics or cd players, but the thing here is with Live dj’s. 

    You rock DJT!

  • Aryo

    Do a “How I Play” with deadmau5! He has shown people his old setups back before he didn’t have his LED head and cube. But now I’ve noticed quite a change in his equipment and would like a close up at everything he’s got there. So if you could get such a huge guy like him to do a “How I Play” that would be amazing! (Plus you would rack in quite the amount of mau5 fans onto your site!)

  • Cameronarthurnoble

    I wanna see Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur’s like set up!!!

  • Rockalittle00

    I’d like to see Samantha Ronson

  • Br

    this is an awesome video but i want to see him actually using it too, not just talking about it 

  • JoteYo

    why is the video so cut up?? feels wierd sometimes you’re only using like 2 words from a take any chance of a fuller cut were he isn’t paraphrased so much??

  • Dj Draco

    Good to see Myagi actually talked about how he plays. Very interesting to see how he integrated all those tools. He really seemed adamant about plugging his album too.

  • Matt

    great video!

  • Ronald Edwards

    Very much happy that this DJ “gets it.” When remixing, one of the hardest things to find is the stems for a particular song (especially if it’s from the underground). I really hope this becomes a standard soon because a lot of us see that being a DJ is taking a turn for on-the-fly mixing and overdubs.

    Another great thing to see is a DJ using some rather limited tools to the fullest, which smashes the former concept of “you have to have a lot of time, friends on the inside and money to really develop a unique sound.”

    Many Kudos to you, Myagi! You’re one of the good guys!

    • RockingClub

      +1 for the fact that more club tunes should be released as an additional stem version for DJing!

  • psy/OPs

    nice vid!

    my favourite part was at 3:26 using the record platter as a stand for the iPad

  • James 'Pioneer' Burkill

    I really like these pioneering ways in which, as “The Technology” is changing the way in which “WE” (as the industry) DJ , look at recent changes that denon made first and yet pioneer copied later and made it a standard (overpriced rubbish, in my eyes as pioneer never really did me any favors as a DJ i felt limited, even as a vinyl DJ to start and make the CD to Midi & software move) and as much as this is a good thing (and I am drawing up ideas for a ableton DJ setup) I have to ask am I a DJ first or an producer…??? personally I play for the floor and manipulate as I go laying down the groove (top 40 is a must in most regular places) but if you can get your own grooves in and they love it then (all good , But)is  that the DJ or the producer talking…? personally to many custom ableton setup have no connection so that the crowd knows whats going as far as I Play I really torn between the on cumming tracktor 2.5 and my exp live ms pinky setup…

  • Owen

    Very interesting. I would be interested in seeing a how I play segment on someone like Daedaelus, Tokimonsta or Teebs