Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” Ableton Soundpack Routine [Video]

Another great video from our community member Underwater Robots, rocking a Midi Fighter 3D to chop up Queen’s classic track “Don’t Stop Me Now” – some really solid finger drumming work here! From the video description:

All sounds in my custom soundpack were sampled from the stems of the original song. It contains MIDI modifiers, which allow for more than 16 sounds to be played, depending on the combination of buttons pressed.

Watch the performance below:

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  • svemir


  • Kinnik Kinnick

    Lovely!!! Thank you! I’m stoked on the idea you gave of using modifiers to make combo button sounds… I’ll have to play with that in my racks! Also, any chance you might release some sound packs like Rick Fresco did recently? I’d really love a chance to see under the hood of this track. 🙂

  • TheRad

    I find this to be an excellent routine and a fresh new take on a song that’s been around for such a long time! I’m subscribed to your channel on youtube and you’ve released some routines I like for the skill it took to pull it off, but it sometimes hurts to listen to two things being mashed together that aren’t in key. I hope you continue to grow as an artist and have a great future!

  • Ron Grandia

    Loved it. Anybody can throw a song in the blender. Not many can get get a result that surprises and delights.

  • Neetlejuice

    switch = flicked.

  • Oliver Kiss

    That was truly amazing. I can’t believe some of the negative comments!

  • Eric

    Are the flashing lights in the back midi controlled?

    • underwaterrobots

      Haha no, the flashing pattern was random and just synced up with the music in some spots by chance!

  • Chris W

    Hey you should do a tutorial on the midi modifier to useing more than 16 samples.

  • Anthony Woodruffe

    wow how to kill a great classic with 16 buttons. just play the song dammit and get the crowd jumping around…. pff

    • Pieter Paßmann

      The new bassline already gratifies this as a great edit/remix of Dont stop me now.

      Appreciate some creativity and a new take on a great classic.

      • Chaser720

        For real. Anyone going outside the play button gets a thumbs up in my book. And this is actually pretty solid. Timing was really good as well.

      • underwaterrobots

        The bass line was actually sampled from the original song! I just added some distortion to beef it up.

    • Anthony Woodruffe

      Just because you can rip a song apart into a drum rack doesn’t mean you’re going to do the song some justice. NIce drum rack building exercise and the guy sure has natural rhythm but the original is a track that gets many people jumping around and having a good time. This on the other hand was sending me to sleep after 60 seconds. So no; I’m not going to appreciate some guy ruining a great song in some 3 minute egotistical, hedonistic mashup that bares zero resemblance to the power and energy of the original.

      • Chaser720

        Love to see what you could put together…

        • Anthony Woodruffe

          like this comment wasn’t ever going to turn up… This isn’t the issue. I don’t like Ramstein either that doesn’t mean I can produce better.

    • Guest

      Don’t be a hater. Be positive and just enjoy it for what it is.

      • Anthony Woodruffe

        nope; i’m not hating, I oddly have found myself in a rare situation of not liking what this guy has to offer. I thought it was just this routine but I’ve checked out his lady Gaga and Blur/Nirvana remixes and both are not flicking my switch.
        I guest it’s just a simple case of not being able to please everyone.

        • underwaterrobots

          I’m sorry that my egotistical, hedonistic routine did not flick your switch. 🙁

          • Anthony Woodruffe

            Sadly that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes. Don’t take it to heart there’s a lot more others here who did find it cool. It’s more important you concentrate on them than my negative opinion. Don’t stop me now is one of my favourite songs so I was hoping for something that was going to blow me away… However.. enough said already. But I will apologise for coming over as an obnoxious twat.

          • FukURSELF

            You are an obnoxious twat… people were not put on this earth to please you…

          • Anthony Woodruffe

            It’s no wonder you’re all bitter and twisted considering your parents gave you that name. Underwater robots just uploaded a piece of work to YouTube. All the comments above are based generally on a view that I should be happy and appreciative of the work. However the composer doesn’t think people were put in this planet to give him praise and be pleased with his compositions. Yet that is exactly what you are expecting of me.

            It is possible for people to disagree and not get all emotional over it.

          • FukURSELF

            Wow Anthony, you are a waste of air bro. Nobody is expecting anything from you, so shut the fuck up already. People take time out of their lives to post pieces of work to give examples of what can be done (in this situation it’s using one button to control a melody). It’s not titled “Best Mashup of Queen EVER ON THIS PLANET SPECIFICALLY TO PLEASE ANTHONY WOODRUFFE”. What kind of “lesson” do you wish to give to the creator by bashing his work? Do you think you’re comment will be the reason he gets better? You don’t offer any advice, and make comments like “I was hoping for something that was going to blow me away…”
            Go blow yourself away. If you’re going to criticize someone, at least make it constructive by maybe pointing out what you would have liked to see, or maybe some other technique that could improve the users skillset. This website is built from a community that helps each other, not internet trolls that have nothing to offer. Or just go with “If you don’t have anything nice to say SHUT THE FUCK UP”
            Now go FukURSELF…

          • Anthony Woodruffe

            Look who’s trolling now? Your comment is helping nobody; least of all Underwater Robots. I never said his work was not good just that I implied it was uneventful (to me). To others they found it good. Some people like a mix others don’t. That’s just how life is. You just can’t please everyone all of the time. Now; Instead wasting your time with shouting profanities at other commenters here, just accept I didn’t like it.

          • Ean Golden

            Hey Guys – let’s chill out with the comment flames and focus on the music. Thanks for your passion – let’s keep it all respectfull