DMC Online: Open Voting + Videos

The polls for the 2013 DMC Online DJ Championship have officially opened – after 9 rounds of voting and hundreds of submissions, only 27 turntablists remain. Finalists in the tournament hail from all over the globe: Brazil, Japan, Poland, United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States just to name a few.

For the next two weeks (voting ends September 4th) DMC wants you to rate your favorite performances for their tenth and final round of voting. Winners will be announced on September 11th and then the top of the crop will be flown out to London to compete in the DMC World DJ Championships on Saturday October 5th.

Now in its third year, the DMC Online DJ Championship is a part of the larger tournament for aspiring bedroom scratchers and turntablists. Check out a few choice sets from the finalists and don’t forget to register and vote on DMC’s website:

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